Chapter 217: Suspected Love (5)

    Chapter 217: Suspected Love (5)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    It hard to say if all girls are naturally sensitive, but Qiao Anxia felt that there was a hidden meaning behind Lu Jinnian treating everyone to crayfish.

    She couldn't help but pretend to be inconspicuous as she glanced over at Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian opposite her. She realized that Qiao Anhao kept her head down, fully focused on eating the crayfish. She had the exact same look as she did back when she would drag Qiao Anxia to eat crayfish at Ghost Street. It was the exact same drooling-look.

    Lu Jinnian sat next to her with his usual expression. He sat silently from the very start, endlessly peeling the crayfish with his gloves. Yet he didn't eat them. After he finished, he put all of the meat into the the crayfish soup.

    Qiao Anxia continued to act inconspicuous as she observed Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao several times more. The two of them looked like there was nothing between them. But from the bottom of her heart, Qiao Anxia couldn't help but feel doubt. Perhaps, she was over-thinking things?

    Qiao Anhao did indeed really like eating crayfish. Because of her love for it, she'd picked her box clean before anyone had even finished half of theirs.

    Qiao Anhao, who hadn't had enough, licked her lips greedily, wanting to continue eating. She sat in her seat, rolling her eyes. As she stared at other people eating excitedly, she couldn't help but gulp twice.

    When Lu Jinnian finished peeling the crayfish from his box, he turned his head and looked at Qiao Anhao. Her lips were so red from the spiciness that they looked like they would bleed. In contrast, her fair white skin looked even paler. Faced with all the conversations in the room, she still didn't butt in, but her large, pitch-lack eyes were wide, circling the room full of people with crayfish in their hands and boxes marred by sauce. Those eyes were just like little children asking to eat sweets, cute and obedient.

    Lu Jinnian's heart couldn't help but grow warmer. Lowering his eyes, he hid the gentleness in his them as he asked Qiao Anhao with no emotion, "What are you looking at?"

    When Qiao Anhao heard Lu Jinnian's voice, she immediately pulled her attention from other people's crayfish and shook her head at him.

    But before she could open her mouth to speak, Zhao Meng, who sat next to her, gathered her thoughts and explained in a teasing voice, "Qiao Qiao loves crayfish the most. She's definitely not had enough to eat, so she's staring at other people."

    Caught, Qiao Anhao's face grew red, and she immediately shook her head at Lu Jinnian. She retaliated with little confidence, "No-no-no!"

    "Mr. Lu, look! Qiao Qiao doesn't have any confidence in her words!" Zhao Meng continued to tease.

    Qiao Anhao's face grew redder in an instant, as she felt betrayed by her best friend!

    Lu Jinnian stared at the blushing Qiao Anhao that looked so red she could start dripping blood. He stayed silent for a few minutes. He lowered his eyes to cover a flash of a warm smile in his eyes. Then he pointed at the crayfish in front of him that he'd already peeled and said in neutral tone, "If you like it so much, you might as well finish this off too."

    Qiao Anhao blanked out for a moment, then furiously shook her head like a rattle and said, "I'm already full."

    "I don't like to eat this stuff. If you don't eat it, then it'll just be thrown away anyway. I was bored, so I peeled them for fun."

    Lu Jinnian's explanation was said in a dull voice as he swapped his box with hers.
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