Chapter 219: Suspected Love (7)

    Chapter 219: Suspected Love (7)

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    As she thought about it, Qiao Anxia took a few deep breaths, pushing all of the disturbing thoughts to the back of her mind.


    The first two days that Qiao Anxia was on set, she felt quite excited from watching them film, but after a few days, she found it boring. Eventually, in the afternoon of the third day, she took advantage of the fact that Qiao Anhao had no scenes and dragged her to go shopping in the city.

    After Qiao Anhao's parents passed away, and she was taken to her cousin's family, Qiao Anxia's parents treated her overly nice.

    It wasn't like it didn't irritate Qiao Anxia. In fact, there were numerous times where the two of them got into an argument. However, Qiao Anxia's father only punished Qiao Anxia. At the time, she really felt extremely horrible, but after she grew up and learned how pitiful Qiao Anhao really was, she wanted to let Qiao Anhao win. But Qiao Anhao, who was already mature, never bothered to argue with her. Later on, Qiao Anxia did something unforgivable to Qiao Anhao in the spur of the moment...

    Because of this, Qiao Anxia has been feeling restless all these years and had been thinking hard about how to treat Qiao Anhao well. She wanted to try her best to slowly make herself feel better for owing her cousin.

    So whilst shopping in the afternoon, when Qiao Anhao saw pretty bags or clothes, she didn't hesitate to swipe her card for her up until the last moment the two of them left the shopping center with many large and small bags. Eighty percent of them belonged to Qiao Anhao. Qiao Anxia and Cheng Yang were meant to meet up for dinner in the evening, and so they started to leave for the set at four.

    Today coincidentally was Friday, so a lot of people left work early, which led to ridiculously heavy traffic that on a normal day would have started only from five.

    Qiao Anxia was impatient when she encountered such road conditions, so she couldn't help but curse. Qiao Anhao was already long used to Qiao Anxia's temper, and so she was abnormally calm as she sat in the passenger's seat.

    She took out her phone to play games when Qiao Anxia suddenly did an emergency brake and uttered a few curse words. Qiao Anhao couldn't help but raise her head and say with a smile, "Sis, can you calm down?"

    Qiao Anxia gave a snort but didn't say a word. Her eyes and hands were agile as she drove down the street. The road in front of her had calmed down a little, and so Qiao Anxia's expression was slightly more composed.

    Because Qiao Anhao was on her phone for a while, she felt slightly car sick. She put down her phone and started a conversation, "Sis, how are you and Cheng Yang doing lately?"

    "Alright." Qiao Anxia thought about it for a moment and replied.

    "Every time, it's just 'alright'. Count it up. How many boyfriend's have you had since junior high? It's about time you find a suitable guy who treats you well and get married. Uncle and aunt are both worried."

    "Qiao Qiao, they're pissing me off, and you want to piss me off with the two of them, don't you..." Qiao Anxia hadn't finished what she wanted to say when she suddenly cried out, "Qiao Qiao, be careful!"

    Then, without giving time for Qiao Anhao to react, Qiao Anxia's car ruthlessly crashed into the back of the car in front of them.


    When Cheng Yang picked up Qiao Anxia's call, Lu Jinnian, Song Xiangsi, and Producer Sun were in the director's room, discussing the script.

    Cheng Yang pulled out his mobile and saw Qiao Anxia's number. He said "Sorry" to everyone around the room before he got up and replied, "Xia Xia, what happened? ... What, a car accident?"

    Lu Jinnian, who sat on the sofa with a cold expression, heard these words, which caused his brows to unintentionally crease.
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