Chapter 222: Suspected Love (10)

    Chapter 222: Suspected Love (10)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jinnian turned, taking large strides to the side of the road. He reached out his hand and a cab stopped instantly. He entered the car, leaving in a flash.

    It was less than two minutes from the moment he arrived to the moment he left. He was gone without saying a word, as though he was just there to get a free ride.

    Qiao Anhao had a night scene to film, which meant she had to rush back to the set. Not wanting to disrupt Qiao Anxia and Cheng Yang, she left, allowing the two of them to continue with their original dinner plan. Qiao Anhao drove the badly crushed car, returning to the mountain lodge.


    After dinner, Qiao Anhao returned to the set to change and get her make up done. After preparing, there was still almost half an hour before she was due for filming.

    The crew were preparing the props, and the set was in a chaos. The other actors were still preparing and Zhao Meng had gone to the toilet due to a stomach ache. Qiao Anhao roamed around aimlessly since she didn't want to sit in boredom.

    The mountain lodge was in a famous mountainous region in the outskirts of Beijing, the scenery was beautiful, and at night, when the colored lights were lit, it looked like a fairytale. Qiao Anhao treaded on the rocks carefully, walking forward aimlessly. When she ended up at the pavilion, she saw Lu Jinnian standing alone, looking at the lighthouse across the lake, seemingly deep in thoughts.

    Qiao Anhao wasn't surprised to see him on set as he had a scene that night as well.

    She stopped, gazing at him. She hesitated slightly before climbing the stairs slowly towards the pavilion.

    Sensing that someone was near, Lu Jinnian turned. The moment he saw her, he was momentarily shocked before quickly extinguishing the cigarette in his hand.

    The Qiao Anhao in the past would never have dared to disrupt Lu Jinnian, but after staying together when they were injured, she seemed to have grown closer to him. They were no longer as distant as before, seemingly returning back to their high school days. Even if they weren't close, they could still hold a conversation.

    When she was about one meter away, Qiao Anhao stopped. Grabbing her skirt, she panicked slightly before tilting her head to smile at him. With a gentle tone, she asked, "You finished preparing?"

    Lu Jinnian seemed surprised that she would initiate a conversation. He fell into a daze, then hurriedly nodded his head, replying with a soft "Yea". After a short while, he added, "Guys are usually faster."

    Even though he had only said five words in total, Qiao Anhao couldn't help the happiness bubbling inside her. Just like many years ago in high school, she would often appear in places he frequented, and when she bumped into him, she would greet him enthusiastically. His reply would bring her joy, just like it was doing right now.

    "Even without makeup, you would look amazing."

    Lu Jinnian curled his lips into a smile, turning to look at Qiao Anhao who was surrounded by colorful lights. Casually, he asked, "This afternoon, I heard Cheng Yang mention that you and Qiao Anxia had a car accident?"
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