Chapter 223: Suspected Love (11)

    Chapter 223: Suspected Love (11)

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    "It was just a rear-end collision."

    Lu Jinnian asked nonchalantly, "Was anyone hurt?"

    "We're fine." Qiao Anhao blinked, looking in the direction of Lu Jinnian's line of sight. From that angle, the lighthouse appeared magical with the lights reflecting off it.

    She stared for a long while before remembering Lu Jinnian's back injury. "What about you?" she asked softly.

    "Ah?" Lu Jinnian made a questioning sound .

    "Has the injury on your back recovered? How is it?"

    "It's good," he replied lightly, not letting any emotion show.

    Even though he had helped her because of Xu Jiamu, she hadn't thanked him. There was a moment of silence before she spoke again. "Thank you."

    Even though it was abrupt, he understood. Without replying or looking at her, he stuck his hands into his pockets, quietly looking ahead, his lips curled upwards into a slight smile. Only after a long while did he reply. "You're welcome."

    Qiao Anhao didn't respond , instead, she held onto the white marble fence in front of her. As she looked ahead, a wide grin stretched across her face.

    The night breeze blew softly, and the the lights flickered. Neither said a word, cherishing the silence. Deep inside, warm and indescribable happiness filled their hearts.

    After a seemingly long while, Lu Jinnian shifted his attention away, saying faintly, "It's about time, lets go."

    Qiao Anhao nodded, tuning to leave first with Lu Jinnian following behind her.

    Just like that, they walked quietly down the rocky path, enjoying each other's company.

    Only when they reached the set did Qiao Anhao know Cheng Yang and Qiao Anxia were back from the city.

    The filming was about to begin, and before it started, the director instructed them again, emphasizing on the key points, leaving no time for Qiao Anhao to greet her cousin.

    Qiao Anxia was discussing with Cheng Yang their plans for the future, what they would do when he finished filming the movie. When she saw Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian entering from the forest, her face fell instantly, losing all her enthusiasm. She lost herself in thought, ignoring Cheng Yang.

    The scene today included Song Xiangsi, Lu Jinnian, and the other important characters of the movie. They had gathered to enjoy the dance Qiao Anhao had prepared for the finale of the company's annual dinner.

    The script required everyone except Lu Jinnian to be mesmerized by Qiao Anhao's dance. He would be in a daze from a text he received from his girlfriend and forced to decide whether to leave or to stay. In the end, when Qiao Anhao was at the height of her performance, he would turn to leave.


    Qiao Anhao had a background in dancing and had even received training from a dance instructor from the crew. The actions weren't difficult, especially not to her.
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