Chapter 230: Suspected Love (18)

    Chapter 230: Suspected Love (18)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Song Xiangsi frowned, starting to grasp the seriousness of the situation. Her expression turned solemn instantly and she asked, "When was the last time you saw her?"

    "It was before she went to the bathroom when she was still talking to us.."

    Before waiting for Zhao Meng to finish the sentence, Song Xiangsi took large strides towards the hot spring.

    Zhao Meng paused with her mouth wide open as she looked towards Song Xiangsi's manager. She too was puzzled and had no idea what Song Xiangsi was going to do. Rushing over, they followed her closely.

    When she reached the red wine hot spring, Song Xiangsi realized that the drinks that were originally placed beside the pool were no longer there. She continued to look at the other pools and realized that the drinks there had also been taken away. Her lips stretched into a thin line as she vaguely guessed the situation.

    Walking out of the hot spring area, she instructed Zhao Meng and her assistant, "If I didn't remember wrongly, the boss of the hot spring contacted me for a collaboration, use that number to call him back. Tell him that a collaboration is possible but he has to cooperate and let me see the security footage now."

    Zhao Meng didn't understand why would Song Xiangsi need the security footage, but she still did as she was told.

    After hanging up, a few workers came to look for Song Xiangsi, escorting her to the security room politely.

    Song Xiangsi scanned the multiple screens and once she saw Qiao Anhao enter the bathroom, she instructed them to enlarge the footage. Shortly after she had entered, Lin Shiyi entered with both her manager and assistant. Song Xiangsi's eyes dimmed when she saw the four of them exiting the washroom.

    One of them had her entire face covered with hair. Even though the others couldn't tell, Zhao Meng knew instantly that she was Qiao Anhao. She raised her hand pointing to the women. "Qiao Qiao, Qiao Qiao was taken by Lin Shiyi! Why would she bring Qiao Qiao away? I need to find her!"

    Zhao Meng turned and dashed out of the security room.

    "Stop!" Song Xiangsi shouted in a strict voice. She walked forward and grabbed Zhao Meng's arm. "Do you actually believe Lin Shiyi would tell you what she did to Qiao Anhao?"

    "I'll call the police!"

    "Police?" Song Xiangsi smirked slightly before continuing, "Do you have evidence? Lin Shiyi did carry her out, but thats not kidnapping, it's not against the law. Besides, we belong to the same crew, no one would believe she is in danger with just this clip. Even if you manage to convince the police, she would already be in trouble by the time we find her."

    "Then... What do I do? Lin Shiyi has always hated Qiao Qiao, now that she has brought her away, it won't be anything good... Oh! I can call Anxia for help.."

    Zhao Meng fished out her phone and dialed Qiao Anxia's number.

    Before she could press call, Song Xiangsi snatched it over and dialed Lu Jinnian's number instead. "Why would you find her, you should be finding Lu Jinnian!"
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