Chapter 233: Shes The Only One You Cant Touch! (3)

    Chapter 233: She's The Only One You Can't Touch! (3)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jinnian walked towards the elevator with a tight expression.

    The cab that Qiao Anxia was in reached the hotel shortly after, and before waiting for the cab to stop, she opened the doors and left the cab, running into the hotel.


    The moment she entered, she saw Lu Jinnian in the elevator. She ran forward and waited to see which floor he stopped at before slamming the elevator buttons several times.

    When the elevator reached her, Lu Jinnian's assistant had also arrived, having run over. The two of them rushed in and waited anxiously as the elevator ascended.

    Qiao Anxia pushed past the doors and wandered about frantically, trying to find Lu Jinnian. When she saw him at the end of the hall knocking on a door, she pressed her lips into a thin line. Running over, she lost balance, falling over. She held onto the wall at the side trying hard to stand straight before removing her heels, throwing them aside.

    Thirty minutes after Lin Shiyi had sent Qiao Anhao to Producer Sun's room, she received a short text, [I like it.]

    Lin Shiyi's lips curled into a wide grin as she replied, [Enjoy your night]. She curled back in her bed and started to watch the television happily.

    At about 10 pm, she went to change her sanitary pad. Looking into the mirror, she observed her breasts which were slightly swollen due to her period. She appeared sexier than usual and she started to ponder whether or not to get her breasts enlarged. Just then, she heard someone knocking on her door.

    The knocking increased, sounding urgent.

    It came on continuously, without any signs of stopping.

    Lin Shiyi removed her hand from her breasts, walking to the door impatiently as she asked, "Who is it?"

    No one replied.

    Lin Shiyi thought her manager had returned, so she strolled over to the door and opened it slowly.

    The moment she opened the door, she saw Lu Jinnian.

    He looked exceptionally scary and distant.

    Lin Shiyi trembled inwardly as an uneasy feeling engulfed her.

    Is he here for Qiao Anhao? But the two of them weren't even close... The only reason he was strict to her regarding the swing incident was because he didn't like people plotting schemes on set...

    Even though she was panicking inside, Lin Shiyi forced out a smile, tilting her head as she asked seductively, "Mr. Lu, can I help you?"

    "Where is Qiao Anhao?" he snarled.

    It really was about her... Worry and guilt clouded Lin Shiyi's eyes, but she regained herself instantly, continuing to smile. "Miss Qiao should be in her room..."

    "Stop your bull**!" Before Lin Shiyi could finish her sentence, Qiao Anxia who had just reached shouted angrily. The next moment, without waiting for anyone to react, Qiao Anxia threw her heels at Lin Shiyi. " Stop acting, we all know you took my sister away."
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