Chapter 252: Do You Know Who He Likes? (12)

    Chapter 252: Do You Know Who He Likes? (12)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    Qiao Anhao immediately turned around and ran out of the bedroom. Holding onto the hand rail, she hurriedly made her way down the stairs. Just as she reached the entrance hall, the doorbell rang.

    Qiao Anhao stood at the door and took a deep breath. After blanking out for two seconds, only then did she stretch her hand out to slowly pull open the door. With the door slightly ajar, she put her head out to first take a look. She only opened the door when she saw Lu Jinnian in his suave clothes. She crouched down and grabbed his slippers from the shoe rack, placing them neatly in front of him.

    Lu Jinnian's lips moved but no sound came out. After he changed into slippers, he casually put his car keys on the shelf by the entrance. As he walked into the house, he took off his jacket.

    Just as Lu Jinnian was about to casually throw his jacket on the sofa, a small pair of hands grabbed it from his hands first. Qiao Anhao got a clothes hanger and hung it neatly on the clothes rack. When she turned around, Lu Jinnian stood distracted in front of the sofa. She lifted her head, and looked at his exquisite complexion under the light. She wore a slight smile.

    "Have you eaten yet? I'll go heat up the food."

    After a while, Lu Jinnian nodded silently in agreement.

    Qiao Anhao promptly put on slippers and ran into the kitchen.

    Seeing Qiao Anhao rushing in, Madam Chen also followed her in, but she left the kitchen seconds later and went back to her own bedroom.

    Qiao Anhao heated up the food and carried it all to the dining table before calling for Lu Jinnian.

    After he sat down, she brought over the chopsticks and soup.

    Qiao Anhao wore warm yellow pyjamas, her hair casually tied up into a bun, and she wore a pair of cotton slippers. She looked small and dainty. Ever since Lu Jinnian came home, her actions have been very fluid, like those of a virtuous wife who diligently waited for her husband.

    Lu Jinnian was kind of stunned, silently picking up his chopsticks and elegantly eating his meal.

    From the very start, Qiao Anhao stood to one side and watched. Every now and then, she would give him more rice and pour him soup.

    The picture looked normal. The atmosphere was very warm.

    After Lu Jinnian had finished his meal, he went upstairs. Qiao Anhao did a quick clean up and called for Madam Chen to wash up. Then she went to the communal washroom to wash her hands and went upstairs.

    Back in the bedroom, Lu Jinnian had already showered and changed into his light blue cotton pyjamas. He sat on the sofa, watching TV with his hair a little wet. He must have not used the hair dryer.

    Qiao Anhao didn't disturb him but grabbed her own pyjamas and walked into the bathroom. As Lu Jinnian had just taken a shower, the bathroom was filled with hot steam. The temperature was a little high when Qiao Anhao came out from the shower, her skin a little flushed.

    As she passed by the changing room door, she glanced at the bed and thought about getting the teddy she put in the bottom cabinet in the changing room. She hesitated for a moment, but in the end, didn't go to grab it. Instead, she went straight over to the dressing table and put on her skin care products.

    When she put on the eye cream, Lu Jinnian, who sat on the sofa in front of the TV, suddenly turned to glance at her. Then he asked, "Didn't you say that you were looking for me?"

    With Lu Jinnian's reminder, Qiao Anhao suddenly remembered important matters. Her fingertips around her eyes stopped, and she lightly nodded her head. She quickly rubbed the cream evenly, then turned around to look over at Lu Jinnian.
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