Chapter 258: Do You Know Who He Likes? (18)

    Chapter 258: Do You Know Who He Likes? (18)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    "Oh..." Qiao Anxia replied indifferently before passing the card over to the staff.

    After Qiao Anhao had packed both gifts, they left the shop.

    When Qiao Anhao had mentioned about the filming crew, Qiao Anxia seemed to have been reminded that the day after her cousing was in danger, rumours of Lin Shiyi exploded.

    In the past, she wouldn't have thought much of it. But after the night she had witnessed how Lu Jinnian went crazy because of Qiao Anhao, she immediately understood when Lin Shiyi got scolded by everyone the next day, it was definitely Lu Jinnian's doing.

    She had thought that he had done enough, but that night, when she attended a dinner, she met several board directors from Huan Ying Entertainment. When the conversation stirred towards producer Sun, they clarified that Lu Jinnian had forced him to withdraw his funds and leave the crew.

    Lu Jinnian's love for Qiao Anhao had gone to a point where he could forsake monetary benefits...

    "Sis, how's this dress?"

    Qiao Anhao's sudden voice jolted Qiao Anxia back to her senses. She turned towards her. Qiao Anhao stood in front of a full length mirror, her hands holding onto a small pink dress, her head tilted to a side, awaiting Qiao Anxia's verdict.

    The rays from the lamp fell on Qiao Anhao, leaving her flawless milky skin glistening. She wasn't wearing any makeup, but her skin was smooth and delicate, her thick lashes framing her soulful eyes, her red lips a stark contrast against her white teeth. Qiao Anhao was no doubt a beauty.

    After Qiao Anhao's parents died, she had been living in Qiao Anxia's home. All these years, Qiao Anhao had constantly given in to her cousin's requests and had always been compliant. Hence, even though Qiao Anxia was aware that Qiao Anhao was much prettier than she was, she had never harped on it.

    Deep inside, she had always believed that Qiao Anhao could never suppress her. In her eyes, Qiao Anhao was just an orphan while she was the eldest daughter of Qiao Enterprise, the apple of her parents' eyes, the future owner of Qiao Enterprise.

    But now, as Qiao Anxia stared at Qiao Anhao, she was left in a daze.

    She had never known that Qiao Anhao was this mesmerising, to the point it tugged at her heart. Was this why Lu Jinnian had fallen for her? For her looks?

    Qiao Anhao turned to look at Qiao Anxia who was staring at her, frowning slightly. Her plump lips pouted as she called out to her, "Sis? Sis?"

    When Qiao Anxia finally came back to her senses, she realized that she had gone into a daze. She lowered eyes before looking back up to praise her cousin, "It's pretty. Do you like it? I'll get it for you."

    Qiao Anhao turned to face the mirror, studying herself a little longer before shaking her head. "Forget it, let's go walk around."

    After walking for another hour, Qiao Anhao still didn't get anything. In the end, they randomly entered a coffee shop for a rest.

    Ever since Qiao Anhao found out about Lu Jinnian's birthday, she had been secretly planning on how to celebrate it. When they entered the coffee shop, she saw a wall that was filled with pretty pink and purple balloons. Inspired, she decided to decorate Mian Xiu Garden to surprise Lu Jinnian.
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