Chapter 290: Did I Disappoint You? (10)

    Chapter 290: Did I Disappoint You? (10)

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    It was quiet, this late at night. Both sides of the road were filled with multi-colored neon lights. Lu Jinnian's posture whilst driving was casual. Every now and then, the bright lights would flash across his face. Though he had a scar on his face, hints of his stunning handsome good looks still exuded from his bones.

    Qiao Anhao slightly adjusted her head, and found a more comfortable angle. She couldn't help but stare at Lu Jinnian in the side view mirror in a daze.

    There was a turn in the road ahead. Lu Jinnian instinctively shifted his head and glanced at the side view mirror by Qiao Anhao to check the traffic conditions. Who knew when she'd woken up, but right then, he saw her beautiful pitch-black eyes staring at him, entranced.

    Lu Jinnian slightly creased his brows, and quickly turned his head. He smoothly turned the steering wheel, and then sneaked a glanced at the mirror. He saw that face, that looked ninety percent similar to Xu Jiamu, and he couldn't help but tighten his grasp on the steering wheel.

    Lu Jinnian drove patiently for five minutes when he realized that Qiao Anhao was staring at him through the side view mirror without blinking. His eyes became cold, and in the next second, he grabbed the steering wheel with one hand. With his other hand, he grab for a make-up removing wipe and rubbed it frantically over his face.

    Following Lu Jinnian's actions, the shape of Xu Jiamu's drawn on eyebrows were quickly removed. His original handsome eyebrows were revealed.

    With just one hand, Lu Jinnian also casually pulled off the scars on his face, exposing half of his white, smooth face before Qiao Anhao's eyes.

    Qiao Anhao who'd been staring blankly into the side view mirror, instantly snapped back to reality. At first, she turned her head and looked over at Lu Jinnian who was still removing the scar. Then she looked out the window again at Beijing's most packed street of bars and night clubs. Quite a few celebrities would come at night, and so it also brought quite a few paparazzis there too. As much as seventy to eighty percent of the entertainment news were exposed there. If anyone happened to take their photo, then Lu Jinnian and her would definitely be the headliner the next day.

    Qiao Anhao instincitively raised her hand and pulled up her side window. She turned her head to look over at Lu Jinnian's fully opened window and was just about to signal for him to pull it up, when she saw the windshield in front of her. If anyone wanted to take their photo from the front, then there was no use in closing the car window.

    On a normal day, celebrities would come here all dressed up. Having attended a birthday party today, Lu Jinnian and her were dressed up quite a bit. If anyone took their photo, then it'd be difficult to clear their names.

    Qiao Anhao thought about it for a moment, and said to Lu Jinnian, who was driving single-handedly, "Don't remove the scar on your face just now, do it when you get home."

    Lu Jinnian stopped moving his hands for a moment, but then he forcefully tore half of the scar off. Because of the excessive force, thin lines of red appeared on his smooth white skin.

    Seeing this, Qiao Anhao creased her brows, and did not hesistate to grab onto Lu Jinnian's wrist. She stopped him, as he was just about to take the scar off. "Remove it with make up remover. Be careful not to harm your skin..."

    Lu Jinnian glanced callously at Qiao Anhao who held onto his wrist with a cold look in his eyes. When he spoke, his voice sounded particularly distant and frigid. "What? Did I disappoint you?"
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