Chapter 314: Xu Jiamu is Responsive (14)

    Chapter 314: Xu Jiamu is Responsive (14)

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    When she entered the ward, she saw a large group of specialists in white gowns crowding over Xu Jiamu, doing checks.

    Han Ruchu stood at the side, anxiously looking towards her son.

    Qiao Anhao walked over lightly, stopping beside Han Ruchu. She greeted her, "Auntie Xu."

    Han Ruchu nodded. She seemed to have cried, as her eyes were red and swollen. She looked at Qiao Anhao and immediately reached out to grab her hands. "Qiao Qiao, you're here."

    Qiao Anhao nodded, looking towards the group of specialists. "Jiamu responded?"

    "Yes, just now, when I was talking to him, I saw his fingers move." Han Ruchu seemed extremely agitated. "Qiao Qiao, Jiamu moved, I saw him, he grabbed here..." She lifted her right hand to the spot that Xu Jiamu had touched, pointing to a specific spot. "Here, Jiamu touched me here!"

    Just then, one of the specialists turned and walked towards Han Ruchu, removing his mask.

    "How's my son?" Han Ruchu asked anxiously without waiting for the doctor to speak.

    The man replied, "All of Mr Xu's vitals are fine. If he moved today, it means that he'll definitely wake up."

    A wide smile broadened across Han Ruchu's face, her eyes glistened with tears. "Really? When will Jiamu wake up?"

    "It depends, he may wake up soon or he might wake up after a while. We aren't able to give you a definite answer on that. But rest assured, if he moved today, it means that the treatment that we have been doing is effective. If we're to continue, he will be able to wake up."

    "Thank you, thank you." Han Ruchu thanked him several times out of excitement and agitation. In the end, she could no longer suppress her tears, allowing them to flow down her face.

    Xu Jiamu could finally wake up, and the happiest person about this was his mother Han Ruchu.

    Qiao Anhao was happy too, Xu Jiamu was after all her best friend in this world. But after the happiness wore off, sorrow started to surface.

    Even though Lu Jinnian treated her unpredictably. Even though he had made her disappointed and sad on his birthday.

    Even though she was confused by him, why he had gotten mad at her, why she could see hatred and disgust in his anger towards her. She was only human, she couldn't be fine with him after he had treated her so unfairly when she did no wrong.

    She was indeed upset and a little angry, it was normal for anyone to feel like that, but she never wanted to sever all ties with him.

    But if Xu Jiamu was going to wake up, she would no longer have to act as a couple with Lu Jinnian. Did that mean they were going to resume being strangers?

    Han Ruchu stayed in the hospital all the way till 1 pm. Qiao Anhao stayed behind to accompany her until taking a ride in Han Ruchu's car back to the set.

    Only in the car did Qiao Anhao remember her gastric problems.
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