Chapter 331: Im sorry, Im sorry (11)

    Chapter 331: I'm sorry, I'm sorry (11)

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    When Lu Jinnian changed his shoes, he remembered what Madam Chen had just said. Without shifting his eyes, he carried Qiao Anhao while telling Madam Chen, who was putting the shoes away, in a flat tone, "Nothing much, the missus was just on her period."

    Lu Jinnian paused for a while, then remembered the doctor's instructions and said, "Make more nutritional foods for the missus to nourish the body."

    As soon as Madam Chen heard that it was the period, she instantly felt relieved and nodded without hesitation in response to Lu Jinnian's instructions.

    The bed cover and quilt cover on the bed had already been changed by Madam Chen. Lu Jinnian put Qiao Anhao down. He pulled over the covers and didn't forget to turn up the central heating in the room by two degrees. Then he walked out of the bedroom, back downstairs, and out. The assistant was still waiting at the door.

    Lu Jinnian silently glanced over at the assistant, but then strode over to the back garden.

    The assistant hurriedly caught up.

    Lu Jinnian was far away from the mansion by the time he stopped. Having done an all-nighter, he pulled a cigarette out from his pocket. He lit it up and took two hard drags before he told the assistant, "I won't be going to the office for a while. If there's anything that can be pushed back, do that. If there's something really urgent, send me an email. I'll handle it at night. Try not to call me."

    Lu Jinnian took another hard drag and added in calm voice, "I want to stay at home with her for some time."

    The assistant knew the "her" Lu Jinnian mentioned referred to Qiao Anhao. He nodded and said, "Understood, Mr. Lu."

    Lu Jinnian thought about it for a moment, then instructed him, "Also, her scenes in 'Alluring Times' for the next five days, delay them. The doctor says, she needs at least seven days rest."

    "I'll contact the director."

    Lu Jinnian didn't say anything.

    The assistant waited a while, and said, "Mr. Lu, is there anything else?"

    Lu Jinnian's eyes fell on a rose that bloomed not too far away. He stared straight at it for a long while before turning to say to the assistant, "Her... miscarriage, don't let her know..."

    "But what do we do if Miss Qiao senses something wrong?"

    "I'll tell Madam Chen that her period came, and I'll talk with the hospital. They won't leak any information. Also, check to see if anyone followed us and took photos. If they did, then stop them. I've spoken to the doctor. They say that after the operation, besides feeling weak, she'll feel a little bloated, no different from a period."

    Lu Jinnian took another drag, and with hints of sadness in his voice said, "No matter what happens, just do as I tell you to. I just can't imagine what would happen if I told her when she woke up that she'd lost her child, not to mention..."

    At this point, Lu Jinnian felt like something was lodged in his throat. It was unbearably painful. He stopped for a long while. His voice quivered slightly when he spoke again. "This was all my fault to begin with, let me be the only one punished. I really don't want to see her sad."

    If it weren't for him, last night's tragedy would have never had happened.

    Considering she spent last night unconscious, and knew nothing, let her continue to stay that way.

    The loss of a child. The insufferable pain.

    That kind of pain, only he should have to endure.
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