Chapter 339: Im sorry (19)

    Chapter 339: I'm sorry (19)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jinnian didn't hear his assistant, he just continually repeated in a tone soaked through with menace, "Killed my child..."

    His assistant finally heard what Lu Jinnian was saying, but he couldn't process what he was implying, hence he asked, "Mr. Lu, you mean that after Miss Qiao took the swallow's nest from the Xu family she had a miscarriage?

    "Miscarriage", the word woke Lu Jinnian instantly. His usual demeanor was long gone. He was agitated, hurriedly hanging up on the call and smashing the phone against the wall.

    There was a painting on the wall, and he hit it with his throw, causing the painting to break into pieces.

    A eeriea darkness clouded his face, he turned to look at the broken painting without any emotion. His chest was ablaze with a fiery flame that was burning his insides.

    He had a strong urge to run to Xu family and tear every member into pieces, to thoroughly destroy every one of them.

    He was always aware that the Xu family hated him because of the mistakes made by his mother, but how could they go after his child?

    Once when he was young, Lu Jinnian had blamed his father and hated the Xu family, but never with the intensity that he was feeling right now.

    The more he thought of them, the more angry he got. His hatred was like a dagger, digging deep into his heart, as though he was going to die from pain alone. In the end, he seemed to have lost control, for he raised his leg and smashed the coffee table. The glass shattered everywhere, but he still wasn't satisfied, he continued to vent his anger, tossing and smashing everything in sight.

    The standing lamp, computer, documents, table lamp... Everything in sight was smashed, even the study table, the cupboard, and the books in it were all strewn across the floor.

    Lu Jinnian smashed till there was nothing left in the standing in the room. Only then did he stop, panting uncontrollably, his eyes bloodshot as he scanned the surrounding wall paper. In that instance, he felt as though all his energy had left his body, and he laid down on the floor.

    There were many broken pieces on the floor, cutting into his skin. Blood dripped everywhere, but he couldn't feel anything and continued to lie on the ground.
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