Chapter 370: Xu Jiamu Woke Up (10)

    Chapter 370: Xu Jiamu Woke Up (10)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    The wetness at the bottom of Qiao Anhao's eyes grew heavy. In the end, her vision became foggy, and the tears hung in the corner of her eyes, about to give way.

    Qiao Anhao couldn't quite see, but through the blurriness she made out that there were many candles. She tried her best to curve the corner of her lips to say "Thank you", but just as her lips moved, tears uncontrollably flowed down her face.

    Lu Jinnian held the cake with one hand, and with his empty hand, he reached out to wipe her tears. Then he said as though to lightly remind her, "Okay, make a wish."

    Qiao Anhao hurriedly nodded her head, and a few drops of tears fell. The corner of her lips curved up even more when she closed her eyes to make a wish. After she made a wish, she opened her eyes and a single tear fell. Taking in a deep breath, she blew out the candles, and gave Lu Jinnian a beaming smile with a face full of tears. She opened her mouth to speak, and said, slightly choked up, "Thank you..."

    She wanted to say something, but the words didn't come out, and her tears fell even more intensely.

    For all the years she'd loved him, she only cried in front of him once, and that was only a single tear. At the time, he glanced at her, then turned around and left. Ever since then, no matter how he treated her, even if she wanted to cry, she would hide away and secretly cry alone.

    The night of his birthday had clearly happened so long ago. She didn't even cried this hard that night, when she felt so wronged, but now, she didn't know what was wrong with her; the tears just wouldn't stop.

    Lu Jinnian looked at Qiao Anhao, who was crying like a child, and his heart felt a little flustered. He put the cake aside, onto the coffee table. Even though he seemed calm and composed as he wiped her tears away, but his fingertips were trembling, which revealed his panic. In the end, his tone was tense when he said, "Don't cry..."

    From the bottom of her heart, Qiao Anhao also felt that her crying was a little bratty, but sometimes women can be weird like that. When they encounter something heartbreaking, they're meant to cry but they don't shed a tear. When they should laugh, they're a sobbing mess.

    Qiao Anhao tried her best to control her tears, but in the end, she just laughed. Then ended up suddenly hugging Lu Jinnian's waist with her head in his chest.

    His body froze, until he felt her tears soak into his shirt. When he felt lines and lines of trickling of tears, he reached out to gently stroke her back. His strokes were a little stiff.

    Qiao Anhao gradually composed herself. Deep in Lu Jinnian's arms, she raised her head, and with a pair of red eyes from the crying, she gave him a beaming smile. "Sorry, my emotions are a little out of control..."

    As she'd been crying, her eyes were particularly bright. When she smiled, there was a slight childish air about her tearful face.

    She smiled again. "I didn't want to cry..."

    Lu Jinnian watched her, mesmerized. He originally wanted to wipe her tears with his fingertips, but his hand held her face still instead. Qiao Anhao didn't finish speaking. She suddenly stopped, opened her big bright eyes, and stared innocently and bewitchingly into his eyes.

    The two of them held their gazes for a long time, their expressions transfixed. The atmosphere in the room surged with an air of romance.
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