Chapter 371: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (1)

    Chapter 371: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (1)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Qiao Anhao's intuition told her that the events that were about to follow had last happened the night of Lu Jinnian's birthday. Unconsciously, she bit her soft tongue in anxiety and anticipation.

    Lu Jinnian's gaze turned tender and deep as he raised his hands to caress her face. Bending his head slightly, he covered her lips.

    Lu Jinnian's actions were abrupt, only when Qiao Anhao felt moisture and numbness on her lips did she realize what was happening. Her lashes quivered and her hands gripped onto his collar. When she shut her eyes, she felt his tongue enter her mouth, sending her mind ablaze.

    The night was dark, the candles burning silently. The windows weren't closed, and the cool wind blew in, sending the balloons on the balcony flying and bringing in a breath of fresh air.

    The world seemed to have stopped. Their frantic breaths, rapid heartbeats, and soft moans filled the air.

    Gradually, the hand Qiao Anhao had used to grip his collar turned limp with sweat.

    As their kiss deepened, they became intoxicated by each other's body, trying desperately to tighten their bond.

    Lu Jinnian placed a hand behind her head, deepening their kiss, and with the other, he started searching for the zip on her dress.

    Qiao Anhao's dress had a complicated zip. After searching desperately for a while, he still couldn't find it. He started to feel impatient, tugging her dress upwards in frustration. The suddenness caused Qiao Anhao to stumble backwards, kicking over two candles.

    The glass cup that held the candles shattered, sending a shrill noise through the air, startling their senses back into them. Lu Jinnian struggled to force himself away from her, his breathing rugged and breathless.

    He almost forgot that her abortion was less than a month ago, her body was not going to be able to take it.

    He took in several deep breaths, before lowering his head once again to kiss her lips one last time. Mustering up all the self control he possessed to suppress his inner flames, he said in a hoarse voice, "Do you want some cake?"

    Just a second ago they had been kissing passionately, now he had asked her if she wanted cake? Qiao Anhao wasn't able to process the abruptness of the situation; her brain was left in a daze. After a long while, she shook her head.

    "Let me get Madam Chen to put it in the fridge, you can have some tomorrow." Lu Jinnian spoke in a low deep voice that was almost a moan. He shut his eyes for a while more before pushing Qiao Anhao away, creating a safe distance between the two of them. He gazed at her before tidying her clothes and instructing her to take a bath.

    Just a moment ago there had been a fiery situation and now it had been put to an abrupt stop; Lu Jinnian wasn't the only one feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. With low spirits and a heavy heart, Qiao Anhao hesitated slightly but decided to hold on to her dignity. In the end, she was just not able to harass him to continue what he had started... Unwillingly, she turned and dragged herself to the bathroom.
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