Chapter 388: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (18)

    Chapter 388: In What Way am I not Good Enough? (18)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    When Lu Jinnian finished his dinner and went back to the bedroom, Qiao Anhao was watching TV. He didn't disturb her, but sat next to her, accompanying her. At half nine, the drama Qiao Anhao was watching coincidentally finished, and Lu Jinnian asked, "Do you want to eat something?"

    Qiao Anhao gave a light nod. Lu Jinnian got up and left. After a while, he came back carrying a steaming hot bowl of swallow's nest congee.

    As Lu Jinnian had said, she really liked eating swallow's nest congee. Every time Madam Chen cooked it, she'd add a little sugar. Today, Madam Chen made swallow's nest congee as she usually did, with a little sweetness. However, Qiao Anhao felt like it was like Chinese medicine; difficult to hold down with every mouthful.

    She practically forced the entire bowl of congee down without tasting the food. She put the empty bowl on the coffee table and went to brush her teeth. When she came out, Lu Jinnian and the empty bowl on the coffee table were gone.

    Qiao Anhao put on a basic layer of cream and climbed into bed. As she pulled her covers, she saw Lu Jinnian come back.

    He asked, "Sleepy?"

    Qiao Anhao nodded, murmured something unintelligible, and shut her eyes.

    Lu Jinnian didn't make a sound, and walked into the bathroom.

    Qiao Anhao wasn't sleepy in the slightest. She felt Lu Jinnian come out from the bathroom, softly turn off the bedroom lights, and gently get into bed beside her.

    The bedroom was very quiet. Qiao Anhao shut her eyes, as she laid there in a daze for a long time, without moving. She felt the long intervals between Lu Jinnian's breathing beside her, as though he was already deep asleep. Only then did she dare to gently open her eyes, turn her head, and look at him.

    With the dimmed yellow night light in the bedroom, Qiao Anhao looked at Lu Jinnian's handsome and flawless complexion. Perhaps it was due to his personality, but he even wore a cold expression between his brows when he slept.

    She really wanted to lie to herself like she did later that afternoon. She wanted to help him make an excuse, and then summon her courage to ask if he really did abort her child. But she couldn't forget the pelvic examination results in his wallet: No blood clot, normal thickness, recovered well from the operation.

    Operation? Blood clot? Thickness? If she had done the abortion operation...

    That piece of paper crushed all of her fantasies.

    She really didn't want to accept it, but she didn't even have the chance to kid herself anymore..

    That was her child, and it was his! How could he have been so ruthless as to abort his own flesh and blood?

    Because Qiao Anhao was so mad, her body trembled, and she had the sudden urge to shake Lu Jinnian awake. But then, she gritted her teeth, and asked herself, why did he do it, why did he kill his own child? Does he not even feel the slightest bit torn or disturbed? How could he possibly sleep so well in the dead of the night?

    Qiao Anhao's tears fell without warning. In the midst of her anger, her face looked unusually pale, and there was an unspeakable pain in her heart for the child she had never even known she'd had.

    She remembered how Lu Jinnian was suddenly so nice to her after the operation.

    It was because he aborted her child. He felt sorry for her, like he owed her, and so was that why he treated her so nice?

    The funny thing was, in these past few days, she had stupidly felt happy and loved by how he had treated her...
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