Chapter 406: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (16)

    Chapter 406: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (16)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jiamu lay on top of Qiao Anhao for a long while, taking deep breaths before finally getting his senses back from the afterglow. He reached out to wipe the sweat off her long hair before lowering his head to lightly kiss her forehead. Turning back to his side of the bed, he reached out to bring her into his embrace and shut his eyes.

    When Qiao Anhao finally heard his breathing turn deep and long, she slowly opened her eyes to touch her forehead, where he had just kissed. Even though a long while had passed and it was already cold, she seemed to be able to feel warmth, but deep inside, her heart had turned to frost, her mind filled with the image of his signature on the abortion form. Her eyes started to fog, and in the end, she could no longer hold it in, the tears streaming down her face.

    The next morning, when Lu Jinnian woke up, he could feel his entire body aching, but he felt satisfied and ready for anything that awaited him. He turned and realized that Qiao Anhao was not around. Without even bothering to wash up, he ran downstairs.

    "Madam Chen! Madam Chen!"

    Just then, the kitchen door flew open and Qiao Anhao walked out. Her long hair was tied up and an apron was tied around her waist as she held onto a spatula.

    Lu Jinnian froze. "Where's Madam Chen?"

    "Madam Chen had something on at home," Qiao Anhao replied before running back into the kitchen to lower the fire. She stuck her head out once again. "I made breakfast, you can come have some after washing up."

    She made breakfast?

    Lu Jinnian looked at the kitchen incredulously before running back up in anticipation. He took a quick shower, dried himself, and changed in record time, then swiftly went to the dinning area. Qiao Anhao stood beside the dinning table, scooping porridge. Lu Jinnian stood motionlessly while looking at her, mesmerized.

    Qiao Anhao seemed to have sensed him. She raised her head and smiled lightly towards him. "Sit."

    Lu Jinnian walked to the dinning table silently. The table was filled with dishes that weren't meant for breakfast. He looked towards her questioningly. "You made all these?"

    Qiao Anhao placed the bowl of porridge in front of him. "It's the first time I made it, so I'm not sure if it's nice."

    Lu Jinnian paused momentarily. Just when he was about to have a taste, he noticed a tissue she had on her hand. There was blood oozing out of it. He stood up abruptly, grabbing onto her hand. "You're injured?"

    "It's fine, I cut it while I was cutting the vegetables." Qiao Anhao tried to hide her hands instinctively.

    Lu Jinnian frowned. He cautiously removed the tissue. When he saw the cut, his frown deepened and he left the dinning area.

    He was back in an instance with antiseptic and a plaster in his hands. He knelt in front of her chair and took hold of her hand. Using the antiseptic, he first disinfected the wound then carefully covered it with the plaster. "If Madam Chen isn't around, you can call for delivery. Don't ever cook again."

    Qiao Anhao lowered her head to look as he treated her wound with seriousness. She looked away, for her eyes started to sting, tears threatening to form.
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