Chapter 408: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (18)

    Chapter 408: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (18)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Both of them froze slightly. After about half a minute, they spoke at the same time again.

    "What is it?"

    "Something wrong?"

    Qiao Anhao then added," You can say it first..."

    Lu Jinnian had continued as well, "You say..."

    They both stopped, smiling at their chemistry.

    After a while, Lu Jinnian spoke again. "You can go first."

    Qiao Anhao was silent for some time. She didn't try to argue with him. Instead, she smiled, placed her hands on the table, and straightening her back, she looked right at him. "Then I'll go first."

    Lu Jinnian replied with a faint "Yea" and placed his chopsticks on the table to return her gaze.

    As Qiao Anhao stared at his good looks, her throat started to choke. No matter how many times she had repeated the words in her mind, some words just couldn't be spoken out loud. Before she could say anything, sorrow had already enveloped her.

    Qiao Anhao's tongue moved several times but she was still not able to speak. In the end, she forced a casual smile on her face. Suppressing her tears, with her arms clenched tightly against her bosom, she took a deep breath and looked back up at him.

    "Jiamu was discharged yesterday."

    Lu Jinnian's gaze faltered visibly, but he still maintained his posture without moving his gaze. He nodded, acknowledging her words, then asked, "Is he feeling better?"

    "He's feeling much better, but he's still on bed rest..." Qiao Anhao gave him a brief outline of Xu Jiamu's condition. Finished, she paused slightly, forcing a brighter smile on her face. The bottom of her eyes started to shimmer, so she counted to three inwardly before continuing.

    "He was discharged yesterday... You won't have to act as him anymore..." Her voice cracked a little. She struggled to keep her numb lips upturned. "And we won't have to act as a couple anymore."

    Lu Jinnian remained silent, his gaze turning heavy as he continued to look at her.

    Qiao Anhao raised her hand to cover her face. She shut her eyes and took a deep breath before quickly wiping away the tears that had flowed out. She placed her hand back down with the same bright smile on her face. "From this moment on, our deal will end as well."

    Lu Jinnian seemed to have turned into a statue where he sat in front of her.

    "I called your name to tell you..." Qiao Anhao paused, taking a deep breath before she continued slowly as though forcing every word out, "I'm leaving."

    Qiao Anhao struggled to keep the tears from falling, her voice cracking slightly. "I'm leaving, I'm leaving this place."

    Lu Jinnian remained paralyzed.

    The dinning area was silent, the mood frosting up.
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