Chapter 410: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (20)

    Chapter 410: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (20)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jinnian didn't react, it was as though he hadn't heard her speak.

    Qiao Anhao stood up, after waiting for about ten seconds, she turned to leave the dining area.

    Only when the door to the dining area closed did Lu Jinnian turn from the window to stare at the spot she had been standing on, his face a frightening shade of white.

    Once Qiao Anhao closed the door to the bedroom, tears started streaming down her face. She used her fingers to wipe the pouring droplets. Slouching against the door, she knelt down onto the floor and started to cry her heart out.

    Even though she cried on the day she confirmed the abortion, even though she had thought that she had cried away all the pain in her heart, even if she had already made up her mind to leave Lu Jinnian, when she finally did it, she didn't expect her heart to feel as though it had broken into pieces.

    She had loved him for thirteen years, she had given him the most beautiful days of her youth, but today, she was forced to remove him from her life, and it was... painful... But she had no choice, she was not able to forgive him for killing her child, she could not allow herself to continue loving such a man.

    She never knew that this would be their end, and she had no idea if she could still fall in love with someone else, but she knew that from now onward, she would never love someone so entirely, so pathetically, like how she had loved Lu Jinnian. She never wanted to feel the pain and hurt that she had so freely allowed him to inflict upon her.

    Qiao Anhao didn't have much belongings. When she came, she had brought a single suitcase, and now that she was leaving, it was also just that one suitcase, just with a few more clothes and shoes and the porcelain doll from Lu Jinnian.


    When Qiao Anhao pulled the suitcase from the bedroom, it was already late afternoon, and Lu Jinnian was no longer in the mansion. The luggage was a little heavy, so she walked straight to the elevator.

    When she reached the first floor, she pulled the suitcase out and stood in the living room. She looked around at the familiar surroundings, realizing that it had been eight months. Her gaze fell on many different spots, the images vivid in her mind.

    She took one last look before pulling her luggage out the door.

    The moment she pushed the door open, she saw Lu Jinnian standing outside. The sun's rays hit his body but he didn't seem to feel hot at all.

    When Lu Jinnian heard the door open, he turned to first look at Qiao Anhao then his gaze fell on the luggage that was trailing behind her. His throat choked up slightly when he asked, "Done packing?"

    Qiao Anhao nodded. "Done packing."

    She paused for a bit before adding, "There were some clothes and shoes that I won't be able to wear any longer so I didn't bring them along. I placed them in a cardboard box in the changing room, you can get Madam Chen to toss it."

    Lu Jinnian nodded slightly, turning to stare at his car wordlessly. He picked his keys and reached for Qiao Anhao's suitcase. After walking down the stairs, he opened the car's trunk to put the luggage in, then walked to the passenger seat to open the door for her.
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