Chapter 419: Silent Companionship (7)

    Chapter 419: Silent Companionship (7)

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    Qiao Anhao was abruptly stunned on the spot.

    When Lu Jinnian saw who opened the door, his pupils clearly widened. As he finally went back to normal, he stared straight at Qiao Anhao. However, it was like his stare had frozen over, giving off a cold feel.

    It had only been half a month without seeing each other, but Qiao Anhao felt like it had been as long as a century. His complexion was still outstanding, but his expression looked even colder than before. Between his brows, the heartlessness and remoteness was as thick as the fog.

    "Bro, you're here?"

    Xu Jiamu's words suddenly woke Qiao Anhao up, and she realized that Lu Jinnian was staring at her chest. She was wearing a strappy nightdress, which completely revealed her delicate collar bone.

    Her face grew hot. She lowered her head and quickly opened the door. Then she said to Xu Jiamu in a low voice, "You take care of them, I'll go up and change."

    As she said this, Qiao Anhao turned, and ran all the way up the stairs.

    Lu Jinnian stood at the entrance, without moving an inch until Qiao Anhao disappeared around the corner of the stairs. Then he swept his eyes over to Xu Jiamu's cardboard boxes. Besides vegetables, fruit, and other ingredients, there were a few boxes of condoms. In that instant, it was like his whole body was struck by an electric shock, and his body shook.

    "Bro, why are you just standing there? Come and sit!" After seeing Lu Jinnian standing at the door for so long, Xu Jiamu couldn't help but remind him.

    It was like Lu Jinnian didn't hear Xu Jiamu's words, as he stared transfixed at the small colorful square boxes.

    Xu Jiamu furrowed his brows and called out, "Bro?"

    Lu Jinnian snapped back to reality in a blink. His hands silently balled up into fists. Practically using all the power in his body, he forced himself to calmly stride over to Xu Jiamu's side. As he walked over to the living room full of familiar faces, he responded to their greetings with an absent-minded nod. Then he found a armchair and sat down.

    People in the room were happily chatting away and laughing, but Lu Jinnian sat aside and never said a word. His eyes stared outside the window, as though he was in a daze, until Qiao Anhao came back down after getting changed. His pupils then hovered over her body.

    With Lu Jinnian in the living room, Qiao Anhao felt a little uncomfortable. She chit-chatted a little with Qiao Anxia and the others, then went into the kitchen to see if she could help Xu Jiamu.

    She came out twice, once carrying a pot of tea, and once carrying a plate of fruit.

    She even poured everyone a cup of tea. As she handed Lu Jinnian a cup, he spoke his first words since entering the house, "Thank you."

    Qiao Anhao lowered her eyes, and didn't even look at him. She just gently twitched the corner of her lips and walked back into the kitchen.


    Even though Xu Jiamu was a young master who lived a life of luxury, he had learned how to cook a table full of dishes during his university years.

    Even though Qiao Anhao was in the kitchen, she couldn't really do much to help. At best, she helped peel the garlic and wash a plate, all whilst Xu Jiamu repeatedly complained about her being in the way.

    In the end, Xu Jiamu couldn't take it any longer and turned the fire off. He pushed Qiao Anhao by her shoulders towards the kitchen door. He was about to kick her out when Lu Jinnian walked head on into them.
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