Chapter 439: Silent Companionship(27)

    Chapter 439: Silent Companionship(27)

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    "Heaven's Sword" would start filming the next day, hence the director specifically got the entire cast together for a dinner.

    Qiao Anhao arrived at Hengdian the latest. By the time she came, the dinner had already started.

    "Heaven's Sword" had a few actors from "Alluring Times", so everyone treated her warmly when she arrived, running over to greet her. Cheng Yang even personally pulled the empty seat beside him out so that she could sit down.

    Qiao Anhao walked to her seat, toasting the crowd to apologize for being late before sitting down.

    Lu Jinnian was already there. He sat beside Qiao Anhao, leaning backwards casually with a hand on the table and another holding a glass of wine. He remained silent as the table in front of him brimmed with conversations.

    Qiao Anhao was the female lead for the drama. She was pretty, so the investors and directors contentiously toasted her and even tried to talk to her.

    Every time it happened, Lu Jinnian would frown slightly in irritation.

    After she had rushed over, she had barely eaten but had already downed at least seven large cups of alcohol. Lu Jinnian saw the director walking over once more and frowned, he placed the wine he held down on the table before speaking faintly, "The ceremony will be at seven tomorrow, and after the ceremony, we'll have to change locations which takes about eight hours. Let's end this early so that everyone can rest."

    Lu Jinnian waved for the waiter to settle the bill.

    It wasn't even 9 pm and it was a rare opportunity for many of the actors to have a meal with the producer and director, so they weren't willing to end so early, but since Lu Jinnian had already made the order, no one dared to object. Unwillingly, they started to drag themselves up to bid farewell to the directors and investor.

    Qiao Anhao had drunk quite a lot. Before leaving, she took a trip to the restroom. But the moment she closed the cubicle door, she heard a conversation between several people.

    "Who's the female lead? Why don't I remember her?"

    "You met her in the restroom before, so you might not remember. It was the one that arrived the latest, I think she's called Qiao Anhao? She's quite pretty and was the second female lead in 'Alluring Times'."

    "Oh yes, the one that acted alongside Lu Jinnian! He seemed to be promoting her quite aggressively lately, assigning many advertisements for her, and they're all top tier. He had even gotten into a conflict with the board members, but he didn't say a word. In the end, he just said 'I just want to promote her, what can you do?' before leaving.

    "After that, he assigned her the female lead role of the most invested movie of the year. By then, no board member dared to voice their objections."

    "Oh, it reminds me, the female lead for "Heaven's Sword" was originally meant to be filmed in Lijiang but it has been changed to Jianghu. I heard that one of the main cast has altitude sickness, so Lu Jinnian had specifically gotten the director and screen writer to make the changes last minute. Do you think the actress with altitude sickness is Qiao Anhao?"

    "One more thing, why didn't you mention that our company actually went to Beijing to choose a intern actress with Qiao Anhao's physique seemingly to act out the harder more difficult stunts?"

    "But that's the treatment for big stars, she only filmed two dramas, isn't she just a newbie..?"
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