Chapter 440: Why Didnt You Want My Child?(1)

    Chapter 440: Why Didn't You Want My Child(1)

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    The conversation stopped and the whole lot left the restroom.

    Qiao Anhao was already done but she continued to sit in the cubicle with no intention of standing up, her mind still on thee conversation.

    She was also a part of Huan Ying Entertainment, but it was the first time she had heard the news.

    Recently, Lu Jinnian had indeed contacted her often to tell her about updates in her schedule, but she had naively believed that it was the company's decision and never thought more of it. She certainly would have never guessed that he had even quarreled with the board just so she can have the advertisements.

    As for finding a stunt double, she was completely unaware of it, but they had indeed guessed correctly about one thing, the person with altitude sickness was her.

    She had been to Lijiang in the past but at that time, she wasn't in contact with Lu Jinnian, so he couldn't have known about her altitude sickness. But when they were filming "Alluring Times" and had spent a large amount of time together, she had tried to find a topic so that they could talk.

    Just then, there was an advertisement about Lijiang, and so, since she couldn't find any other topic, she had casually mentioned that it was a horrible place and that she would never go there again, the altitude sickness had nearly killed her.

    At that time, he was busy, but when he heard her, he raised his face with doubt in his eyes. He had asked her nonchalantly if she had altitude sickness in Lijiang.

    She didn't think much of it and had nodded, before slightly elaborating on her condition in Lijiang. At that time, she complained that the place had made her lose five kilograms in three days.

    He didn't react much, simply acknowledging her words with an "oh" before returning to work.

    Afterwards, when she had gotten the script and realized that they would be in Lijiang filming for at least half a month, she had been scared out of her wits.

    Three days were able to take half a life, if they were to film in Lijiang for half a month, would she end up dying there?

    But they couldn't just change the filming location because of her, so she did some research to help mitigate the problem.

    In the end, she had received a new script the very next day. The new script has several changes but the biggest one was the location - Lijiang had been replaced by Jianghu.

    At that time, she didn't think that it had anything to do with her and was instead just glad that everything ended up this good.

    But now that she had heard their conversation, she was quite sure that Lu Jinnian had done it for her.

    Sometimes, words that were casually said would be forgotten instantly.

    But she would have never expected that he would actually remember.
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