Chapter 441: Why Didnt You Want My Child?(2)

    Chapter 441: Why Didn't You Want My Child(2)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Recently, Lu Jinnian had been treating Qiao Anhao well... From small things like buying sanitary pads with her to big things like changing the filming location... From things she knew to things she wasn't aware of...

    When he had arranged the work for her, he could have gotten his assistant to inform Zhao Meng or he could have given her a call, but sometimes, he would let her know personally. There was even once when he had informed her with a bag of desserts from Man Ji.

    Before that, she had casually commented [Sister Xiangsi, I want some too!] when Song Xiangsi had posted a photo of herself eating desserts from Man Ji.

    When she had saw him with the desserts, she knew that he must have seen her comment on that post.

    She was touched but had struggled desperately to ignore her feelings.

    Because love wasn't so easily forgotten, but there were just some things she couldn't forgive.

    She didn't want to let herself get hurt by him in any more ways, the baby was her last straw.

    Loving someone could cause her to lose herself, but she didn't want to do it without any dignity.

    She stayed in the cubicle for a long while, taking in deep breaths, trying to calm her thoughts and emotions before leaving the restroom.


    Song Xiangsi opened the door, when she saw Xu Jiamu standing outside, she didn't respond.

    Her manager, who was in the other room, asked as he stuck his head out, "Xiangsi, who is it?" When he saw Xu Jiamu, his expression turned careful. He politely and formally greeted him, "Mr. Xu."

    Xu Jiamu didn't bother acknowledging his presence, his gaze fixed on Song Xiangsi.

    Song Xiangsi ignored his gaze, turning back to look at her manager. "You should go back to your room."

    Her manager nodded before brushing past Xu Jiamu on his way out.

    Song Xiangsi didn't look at Xu Jiamu, she turned and entered the room. Xu Jiamu closed the door, following after her.

    Before he could say a word inside, Song Xiangsi removed her dress and laid on the bed while looking at him. "Come."

    Xu Jiamu was confused by what she was doing, he stood still, dazed.

    Song Xiangsi lifted a brow, her lips curving slightly. "Mr. Xu, didn't you come for this? I have to be up early tomorrow, so get it done quickly!"

    Xu Jiamu's senses returned instantly, a vein popping on his forehead from the suppressed anger. In a furious voice, he shouted, "Song Xiangsi, what's wrong with you?"

    Song Xiangsi looked straight into his eyes. With a calm expression, she continued to undress herself. She looked back to rush him. "Don't you want it now?"

    Xu Jiamu gritted his teeth and took large steps to the sofa. He grabbed her dress and tossed it onto her naked body before glaring down at her. With unstable breaths, he turned and stormed out unsteadily.

    Song Xiangsi waited till he slammed the door before she picked up her clothes to put them back on. Walking to to a window, she looked down and waited. Not long later, she saw Xu Jiamu storming out of the hotel into the distance.
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