Chapter 445: Why Didnt You Want My Child?(6)

    Chapter 445: Why Didn't You Want My Child(6)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    "MR. LU!" Before Zhao Meng could get back her senses from Qiao Anhao's fall, Mr. Lu had jumped down as well.

    "MR. LU!" His assistant came running over, shouting for him. He looked down slightly before turning away in fear.


    Only when Qiao Anhao started falling at a fast pace did she realize that she was in danger. The next moment, she had sunk into the icy cold water. Without any prior preparation, she choked on the water.

    With both hands, she struggled to keep afloat. When her head came out of the water, she hurriedly opened her mouth, shouting towards the shore, "Help!" When the next wave came, it sent her back into the water, drowning out her calls.

    The next time she popped her head out, she saw that she was nearing the edge of the cliff, she wanted to swim back, but the current we too strong. Even if she used all her strength, she still wasn't able to move forward, instead, she had been pushed backwards.

    The strong current continued to pound on her head, filling her ears with water, affecting her hearing. When she opened her eyes, all she could see was an endless stream of water and a stone wall that she couldn't climb.

    Soon, strength had been stripped off of her, she started to feel her legs getting numb as despair started to fill her mind.

    In the past, when she had watched television, she had seen such scenes before, but back then, she had dismissed it as exaggeration and drama. Never once had it occurred to her that she might end up in a situation like this herself.

    But she was not the lead of a show. No matter how hard she struggled, there wouldn't be a prince coming to save her. Her hands were starting to get weak, her body to sink slightly; she could feel death in the air...

    She couldn't possibly just die here in a stream she didn't even know the name of...

    Everyone had a desperation to live, and Qiao Anhao was no exception, she continued to struggle upwards even if her limbs were growing exhausted.

    A mixed sense of despair and worry started to fill her entire body. Even though she could see death ahead, she wasn't able to run away. Tears started to fall and she felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness.

    She felt helpless, just like when she was ten and had lost her parents, just like not long ago when she had lost her child and the man she loved the most. In the end, heaven didn't take pity on her plight one bit and was going to take her life on top of all that.

    The more she thought of it, the more upset she became. Tears fell down her face continuously.


    The moment Lu Jinnian had heard Zhao Meng's scream "Qiao Qiao fell down", his entire mind turned blank, as though his brain had been eaten, there weren't any emotions.

    When the cold water finally hit him, he was shocked momentarily before he realized that he had to keep calm.

    But the moment he thought that she was in this vast stream, he started to panic and worry once more.
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