Chapter 446: Why Didnt You Want My Child?(7)

    Chapter 446: Why Didn't You Want My Child(7)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    The entire crew had walked over to the edge, everyone's faces grim.

    The current was running at a fast speed. In a blink of an eye, Qiao Anhao had been taken into the distance. When in less than five minutes, Lu Jinnian came out of the water, everyone started to shout his name, but the current was too strong, drowning their voices. He scanned the surroundings before swimming towards the direction that Qiao Anhao was swept towards.

    Just then, Lu Jinnian's assistant seemed to have gotten back his senses. He shouted towards the group at the edge of the cliff, "Stop staring, call the police! POLICE!"

    "Right right, police!" Several people took their phones out and started to make calls.

    When the call finally went through, the assistant seemed to have remembered something. He instructed the director, "Remember not to let this matter spread, especially not of Mr. Lu. If anyone found out, Huan Ying Entertainment will be gone."

    The director nodded immediately before asking, "Should we inform Qiao Anhao's family?"

    The assistant hesitated slightly, then replied, " Not yet, Mr. Lu can swim well, he might be able to save her. We just have to wait below, they might be in danger from staying in the water for such a long time."


    Lu Jinnian scanned the surroundings, taking in the situation and realizing that he was being moved at an alarming rate. This meant that Qiao Anhao must have been swept away... Without hesitation, he followed the current.

    He swam fast while conserving energy. He didn't know how long he had swam or how far he had gone when worry started to form once more. The situation in his mind was getting grimmer by the minute. Just when he thought that she had gotten into an accident, he saw a red figure floating about ten meters away.

    When she fell, she was dressed in red!

    A glimmer of hope alighted, and he continued to swim towards the red figure. The closer he got, the more anxious he was. He was worried that it was all a disappointment.

    Only when he was near did he finally see her entire form. It was indeed Qiao Anhao in her costume. He grew excited, swimming towards her aggressively. He grabbed hold of her costume and tugged it upwards, seeing her pale face.

    Lu Jinnian hurriedly reached out to hug her in his embrace, shouting her name anxiously, "Qiao Qiao!"

    She looked up at him, her lips moving slightly. She seemed to want to speak but was too weak. She leaned onto him and fainted.

    Swimming against the current alone was a difficult matter, now the situation had grown even worse with Qiao Anhao alongside.

    The skies were about to dim. Lu Jinnian looked at the cliff-it was much lower than near their filming location.
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