Chapter 452: Why Didnt You Want My Child?(13)

    Chapter 452: Why Didn't You Want My Child(13)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Ever since Lu Jinnian was young, he had been insulted many times. Even his birth father had said cruel things to him before, but he had never felt as pathetic as he felt right now.

    He wanted to allow himself to react or do something, but he had no idea what he should do. He could only maintain his usual frosty demeanor.

    After a seemingly long time, Qiao Anhao's cries started to go down, her lashes trembling lightly.

    He had always assumed that if his confession failed, he would lose her completely, so he would rather silently stay by her side.

    Even if she would never turn back her entire life, it was fine.

    Because in this world, she was the only one that gave him hope and showed him the beauty of life.

    Many times, just her expression or a faint smile was able to brighten his day.

    But even this tiny request was slowly turning into an unreachable desire.

    Lu Jinnian's eyes gradually turned red. He lowered his lashes, his expression remaining calm. After a long while, he lifted his lashes and looked towards Qiao Anhao, his eyes distant and cold.

    Qiao Qiao, did you know? You're the warmth that I've spent my whole life trying to get close to.

    His lips curled into a slight smile, it was faint and had a hint of sorrow. Right now, he was ready to tell her that he would get out of her life.


    Qiao Anhao cried for a long long time but she couldn't seem to vent her sorrow, her heart continued to be in a deep knot of pain.

    The moment she saw his name on the abortion form, she felt upset, she felt weak, she didn't even have the courage to ask him why he had killed her child because she was worried that his words would send her straight down to hell.

    But she never never expected that her lack of courage would cause the pain and suffering today.

    She wanted to free herself, she wanted to just run away, to let her heart go cold...

    She lifted her head and looked straight into his eyes.

    The rain outside continued to pour relentlessly, and before she could ask her question, two steam of tears fell down her face. She took a deep breath before asking hoarsely, "Why didn't you want my child?"

    Lu Jinnian had been preparing his words but before he could say anything, he heard her question. He tilted his head to look at her curiously.

    Her eyes were swollen. As she knelt on the floor, she appeared small and delicate. She had her head raised towards him, staring straight into his eyes with a resolute expression.

    She repeated her question once more. "Lu Jinnian, Lu Jinnian, why did you abort my child?"

    Qiao Anhao's voice choked up as her heart continued to ache. "Lu Jinnian, I know that our marriage was fake and the child wasn't in the plan, but since he had arrived, how could you be so ruthless? How could you kill him?"

    After crying for such a long time, her calmed emotions erupted once more. "Don't you know that it's a life? How could you be so ruthless to kill a life? It's murder, MURDER!

    "Who gave you the right to kill my child?" Her tears came back with a fury, her throat choking up as she spoke. "My.. child, who gave you the right? WHO?"
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