Chapter 456: Why Didnt You Want My Child?(17)

    Chapter 456: Why Didn't You Want My Child(17)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jinnian had placed his entire body weight on Qiao Anhao, and she had almost fallen with him. Turning her head to the side, she could see his tightly knotted forehead and pale lips. Just then, she remembered that he was still running a fever. She reached out to feel his forehead: the temperature seemed much higher than before.

    He had soaked in the stream for such a long time, went to collect branches shirtless, all of it must have caused him to catch a cold.

    Qiao Anhao felt her heart start to ache once more. She hurriedly climbed out of his embrace, then struggled to pull him to the straw mat. Using all her strength, she endured the pain in her leg, towing him towards the mat.

    She covered him with his jacket before adding more branches to the fire so that it would burn more furiously, increasing the temperature in the cave.

    The rain had been ongoing for a long time, causing the air to be moist. As the wind blew, the cave started to get cold and humid.

    Lu Jinnian frowned as he lay on the straw mat, his face scrunching up in discomfort. Even unconscious, he was trembling from the cold.

    Qiao Anhao stood in front of Lu Jinnian, attempting to block the wind that was entering the cave but it didn't seem to work as he continued to tremble uncontrollably. Even his breathing was starting to get weak as he continuously murmured something.

    Qiao Anhao moved her ear towards his mouth to try and decipher what he was saying. After listening for a long while, she realized that he was repeating "Cold".

    Without any hesitation, she removed her costume and placed it over Lu Jinnian's body, but just then, a gush of wind entered, sending chills through her body.

    Even with two layers of clothes, he didn't seem to be getting any warmer...

    Qiao Anhao looked at the fire before turning to look at the entrance of the cave. Deep in the woods, what could provide him with warmth?

    She felt his icy cold hands as she listened to him murmur. She started to feel anxious, and frowning, she thought desperately of ways to warm him up. Just then, she seemed to have thought of something. Biting her lip, she removed all her clothes and slipped under the clothes that were covering Lu Jinnian. She inched over to him and arranged the clothes over both their bodies before hugging him close to send her own body warmth over.

    Qiao Anhao hugged Lu Jinnian for a long while. In time, she felt his shivering stop and his body start to warm slightly. His breathing turned long and deep as though he had fallen asleep. Only then was she able to finally relax. She leaned against him in exhaustion, allowing sleep to take her.


    Lu Jinnian had a dream, he dreamed that the both of them were lying together naked, her skin just like in his memory. It was soft and tender, sending desire through his body. He couldn't control it, kissing her lips greedily, seeking more.

    It was a scary feeling. He became excited almost instantly and impatiently sought for more, pressing onto her body.

    He could hear his breathing becoming impatient and his temperature starting to rise.
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