Chapter 466: Peaceful and Beautiful Times (7)

    Chapter 466: Peaceful and Beautiful Times (7)

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    Lu Jinnian paused for a moment, while Qiao Anhao completely snapped back to reality and instinctively pulled away from his arms. She lowered her blushing face, and straightened her clothes. She made a sound to the other side of the door, glanced at Lu Jinnian, and walked out first.

    "There are two cars stopped at the door. They say that they're here to pick you both up..." said brother Chen's wife, as she pointed at the courtyard. Qiao Anhao stared blankly for a moment, then when she stepped out and saw who was standing outside, she instantly smiled.

    "Sis, Brother Jiamu!"

    Lu Jinnian, who was originally following behind Qiao Anhao, stopped in his tracks for a moment when he heard the two names she called out. After a while, he stepped out of the house and saw the three of them chatting and laughing away.

    Xu Jiamu probably knew that Qiao Anhao had hurt her leg, so he supported her over to the stool under the tree. Then, he crouched down in front of her and rolled up her trousers to check on the wound.

    They probably assumed someone would be injured, and so they specially brought a medical kit with them. When Qiao Anxia ran over to the car to get it, Xu Jiamu remained crouched and rubbed the herbal medicine to disinfect the wound. He added on a layer of ointment before bandaging it up.

    Xu Jiamu lifted his head. Who knows what he asked Qiao Anhao, but she smiled at him and shook her head.

    The bright rays of sun happened to shine on her face and her smile, which pierced Lu Jinnian's eyes. He instinctively turned his head in pain, and stood by the door a little fazed, until his assistant walked over and called out to him, "Mr. Lu".

    Lu Jinnian hurriedly snapped back to reality and turned his head towards brother Chen and his wife in the house. He said, "Thank you", and soon after, glanced at his assistant, who immediately knew to take out an envelope.

    Lu Jinnian took the envelope and handed it to brother Chen and his wife. "Thank you so much for taking care of us. Here's a little something as a token of goodwill."

    Brother Chen took the envelope, and saw a pile of red notes. He immediately pushed it back, wanting to return it to Lu Jinnian, but in the end, the assistant came forward, and reasoned with them. Finally, he convinced them to accept the envelope.

    "Mr. Lu, should we be on our way now?" asked the assistant. After he finished thanking the Chen family, he turned his head and walked over to Lu Jinnian, who stood dazed to one side, staring at an empty space outside the house.

    Lu Jinnian diverted his eyes and gave a light nod.

    The assistant immediately rushed over to the three who were chatting away to one side, and reminded Xu Jiamu with a respectful tone, "Mr. Xu, we can head out now."

    "Wait one moment, let me say goodbye to brother Chen and his wife." Qiao Anhao got up from the stool and rushed over to the house.

    Xu Jiamu stood still on the spot, before calling out "Bro" to Lu Jinnian, who stood inside the house.

    Lu Jinnian greeted him with a silent nod, then his eyes fell on Qiao Anhao, who came out of the house.

    Probably because of the pain in her leg, for two days, she was quite slow and limped when she walked.

    It had just rained, and so there were quite a few puddles on the ground. She walked a little cautiously, perhaps to avoid getting her shoes wet.

    Now, she walked for about five meters before suddenly stopping.

    Qiao Anxia cried out in curiosity, "Qiao Qiao?"

    Qiao Anhao didn't turn her head but raised her hand to rub her forehead. Then, without any warning, her body went limp, and she dropped to the ground.
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