Chapter 468: Peaceful and Beautiful Times (9)

    Chapter 468: Peaceful and Beautiful Times (9)

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    The car hadn't even come to a complete stop when Lu Jinnian pulled open the door and got out. He took big strides towards the car in front, but before he even got there, Xu Jiamu had gotten out with Qiao Anhao in his arms. He rushed over to A&E, as Qiao Anxia hurriedly locked the car and caught up.

    Lu Jinnian's footsteps stumbled for just a moment, then he caught up to them.

    There were many people in the hospital. They took Qiao Anhao immediately to the operating room.

    Xu Jiamu sat on a chair in the waiting room with an anxious expression, whereas Qiao Anxia sat restlessly in her seat. She eventually got up and paced up and down in front of Xu Jiamu every now and then.

    Her pacing made Xu Jiamu feel agitated. He couldn't take it anymore and raised his head. "Qiao Anxia, could you sit and be quiet for a moment?"

    "Xu Jiamu, your wife is lying in there, could you look a little worried?" retorted Qiao Anxia.

    Xu Jiamu didn't react to her retort and just waved his hand, wearing an expression that said he couldn't be bothered by her antics.

    The assistant instinctively glanced over at Lu Jinnian, who stood around five meters away from the window, when he heard the two words "your wife" from Qiao Anxia's mouth.

    Lu Jinnian appeared exceptionally quiet, as though he hadn't heard what was just said,. He stood still, staring out the window. However, the assistant noticed that his hand on the window sill had clenched into a fist. Because he had used excessive force, white lines had formed around his knuckles.

    About half an hour later, the doctor emerged from the operating room.

    Qiao Anxia was the first to rush over to him. "How's my sister?"

    Xu Jiamu followed closely behind, walking up to the doctor.

    Lu Jinnian, who stood in his spot without moving, just slightly turned his head towards the two.

    The doctor removed the face mask and said, "The patient is fine. Perhaps she hasn't been resting well lately, and when exposed to the cold, it triggered an inflammation in her body. Now, she has a high fever and her blood pressure is low, which is why she fainted. We've given her some fluids for now."

    After a pause, he added, "If one of you is available, please proceed to patient registration for overnight stays."

    Lu Jinnian glanced at his assistant, who instinctively knew to walk up to them. "Miss Da Qiao, Mr. Xu, I'll go."

    Xu Jiamu and Qiao Anxia didn't reject his offer, and nodded. The assistant took the form, ready to go downstairs, when Lu Jinnian stretched out his hand and took it from him, walking downstairs.

    After Lu Jinnian came back, Qiao Anhao was given a private room at the hospital. When she fainted, her clothes had become completely dirty. Now, she'd changed into a hospital gown and lay quietly on the bed with an IV drip in her arm. Xu Jiamu sat by her bed with a clean towel in his hands, wiping her hair and clearing the dirt from her face.

    Lu Jinnian stood in the corridor, staring at that scene for a long time. In the end, he didn't go in but gave his assistant the money for the hospital bill, then turned to go downstairs on his own.

    It was already evening by the time Lu Jinnian came back with a handful of bags.

    The needle in Qiao Anhao's arm was already removed and replaced with a plaster. She was deep asleep on the hospital bed.

    When Xu Jiamu, Qiao Anxia, and his assistant had received Lu Jinnian's call yesterday, the three of them had rushed overnight, so they hadn't slept all night. On top of that, after a day of torment at the hospital, they were so incredibly exhausted that they couldn't take it anymore and also fell asleep.
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