Chapter 489: Divorce(10)

    Chapter 489: Divorce(10)

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    Qiao Anhao had wanted to explain herself, that in just a few days she would divorce Xu Jiamu, so by then, she would be able to date Lu Jinnian if she wanted.

    But she was still considered Xu Jiamu's wife. If she were to continue interacting with Lu Jinnian now, she wouldn't be able to clarify herself.

    Qiao Anhao decided to steer clear of problems and nodded her head compliantly. "I understand, I was wrong. Me and Lu Jinnian are just classmates, there's nothing between us."

    Mother Qiao finally calmed her heavy heart after hearing the reassurances. She chatted with Qiao Anhao for a bit more, mostly emphasizing on how to be a good wife. Then Qiao Anhao followed mother Qiao down to apologize to Han Ruchu, promising that such an incident would not happen again.

    Since the Qiao and Xu families had close business ties, Han Ruchu forgave her even if she still felt unhappy.

    The atmosphere cleared slightly, and in order to further clear the mood, father Qiao called Xu Jiamu back for a family gathering over dinner.


    After the meal, Xu Jiamu and his father had some alcohol. When they were about to leave, he called for the driver.

    When they left Qiao family house, Xu Jiamu's driver hadn't arrived yet, so they decided to take a stroll. After just a short walk, Qiao Anhao's feet started to hurt so they found a bench to rest.

    The bench faced a small park filled with children ice skating.

    Qiao Anhao looked straight ahead, imagining herself when she was young. Back then, she, Qiao Anxia, and Xu Jiamu would often play just like that. "Brother Jiamu, do you remember teaching me ice skating here?"

    "But till today, you still can't skate independently. I guess I wasn't a good teacher, huh."

    Qiao Anhao smiled. Lifting her head, she gazed at the street lamp before saying softly, "Brother Jiamu, I'm sorry about the photos, I made you a laughing stock."

    "It's fine, what's there to apologize about? My mother was just making a mountain out of a molehill. Since brother was asked to act as me, and he was your husband for eight long months, in such a time, even strangers would become close. Besides, it was just a meal, there's nothing to make a fuss about, right? I hope you won't take it personally, my mother just takes her pride too seriously. After our divorce, you'll be free."

    Qiao Anhao's lips curled into a smile. Looking up at the sky, she asked, "Brother Jiamu, what do you intend to do after our divorce? Are you going to marry for profit once more?"

    Before the car accident, if someone would have asked Xu Jiamu this question, he would have definitely agreed without hesitation.
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