Chapter 490: Divorce(11)

    Chapter 490: Divorce(11)

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    Every man has a dream and that is to be successful in the business world, and Xu Jiamu was no exception. Ever since he was young, he knew that marrying was the best deal in the world.

    A business marriage would bring benefit to both parties, so only a fool would miss out on it.

    But now that Qiao Anhao had asked him the question, he paused, not understanding his own hesitation. Deep inside, he felt guilty though, since Song Xiangsi's face floated into his mind. After about five seconds, he shook his head, chasing her face out of his mind.

    "Of course, I'll definitely find a girl with a suitable background to marry."

    Xu Jiamu's words were resolute, as if they were trying to convince him as well.

    Just then, his phone rang-it was from his driver. Xu Jiamu stood up and looked at Qiao Anhao. "Let's go, the driver is here."

    Qiao Anhao grabbed her bag, following behind Xu Jiamu out of the area.

    Not far from the bench they had sat, in a spot they didn't notice, stood Qiao Anxia. Her face was pale, her expression dazed.

    She stood stationary for a long while before her senses returned.

    The originally crowded park quietened as all the children left for home. When there was barely anyone left, she moved her stiff body, walking towards the bench that they had sat on, the conversation between Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu floating in her mind.

    The Xu Jiamu with the bandaged face was actually Lu Jinnian, which meant that before Xu Jiamu's face recovered, Qiao Anhao had been the wife of Lu Jinnian and not Xu Jiamu.

    It was no wonder Qiao Anhao had a photo of herself and Lu Jinnian sleeping together.

    Just a moment ago, Qiao Anhao had been discussing her divorce with Xu Jiamu... This meant that Xu Jiamu never liked Qiao Anhao and she never liked him....

    When Qiao Anxia was young, in order to escape the marriage with Xu Jiamu, she had misled Han Ruchu into thinking that Xu Jiamu liked Qiao Anhao, causing her to choose Qiao Anhao as the marriage candidate. She had been guilty for many years until she saw them happily married...

    She thought that Qiao Qiao had been confused and so had even given Lu Jinnian the voice recorder, even disrupting him several times to leave Qiao Anhao alone.

    But she had been wrong all along.

    But why didn't Qiao Qiao tell her such a big secret?

    And if she hadn't harmed Qiao Qiao all those years ago, would she have been the one to act as Lu Jinnian's wife?

    In the end, she had been the one who gave away the opportunity to be with Lu Jinnian...


    Lu Jinnian's assistant waited outside his office for a long while, but his superior remained inside, so he glanced at the time and knocked on the door. The room remained silent, and after a moment of hesitation, he pushed the door open.

    Lu Jinnian sat on his chair with a cup of coffee in his hands, seemingly in deep thought. He didn't seem to have noticed his assistant enter the room at all.
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