Chapter 511: If No One Wants You, Ill Marry You(12)

    Chapter 511: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(12)

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    The entire room fell silent.

    Just then, the hot water boiled, bubbling sounds clouding the air.

    Mother Qiao broke the silence. "Was it because of the photos? Jiamu, I told you that Qiao Qiao and him are just friends..."

    Xu Jiamu objected instantly, "No, it has nothing to do with my brother."

    This time, Han Ruchu spoke. "Why then? Haven't you always liked Qiao Qiao?"

    "I do like Qiao Qiao, but I've always treated her as a sister. Recently, I found a girl that I like more."

    Xu Wanli violently placed the cup on the table, which resounded with a loud thump. In a furious voice, he shouted, "Bastard!"

    Seeing how the situation had escalated, Qiao Anhao anxiously added, "I already agreed to the divorce."

    Xu Wanli paused, swallowing his scolding.

    Xu Jiamu continued, "The only reason we got together was to maximize the profits between both corporations. We have already discussed and came to the conclusion that we don't have any feelings for each other. After we divorce, we can still be friends. For the corporation between both companies, I would be willing to offer up 20% as compensation. "

    "Jiamu..." 20% was worth a few million... Han Ruchu called out his name, prepared to stop him.

    Xu Jiamu continued, not giving her any chance to speak. "I also promise that for any future corporations, I would definitely consider Qiao Enterprise first."

    Qiao Anhao knew that it was time for her to make a stand, so she spoke as well. "It'll be an amicable divorce and we will still be good friends even if we divorce. I'm sure our divorce will definitely cause a stir within the business circle, but that's only in the short term, besides, as long as we're still on good terms, the gossip won't affect us."

    Father Qiao and mother Qiao looked at each other. Even though they weren't enthusiastic about the separation, a bad divorce in the future would be disadvantageous for them. Father Qiao took a moment before nodding. "Qiao Qiao can decide her matters on her own, we will respect her decision."

    Han Ruchu was originally satisfied with this daughter in law, but ever since she found out that she had slept with Lu Jinnian and had even had an abortion, she hadn't been too pleased. But since her son loved her, she decided to close one eye.

    Now, when they wanted to separate, she was definitely willing. When Xu Wanli was about to scold Xu Jiamu again, she discreetly kicked him under the table, warning him off before looking at the Qiao parents apologetically. "I'm really sorry for this to happen."


    After the meal, it was 3 pm in the afternoon, Qiao Anhao left in Xu Jiamu's car.

    Xu Jiamu turned and pointed to his lips that were still bruised. "Qiao Qiao, I've done so much for you this time. My brother even punched me thinking that I had an affair, and now I have to bear the title of an unfaithful man..."
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