Chapter 522: If No One Wants You, Ill Marry You(23)

    Chapter 522: If No One Wants You, I'll Marry You(23)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Qiao Anhao scanned the screen as she continued to munch on her chips. When she realized that the venue was a prestigious hotel in Beijing, she asked, "It's going to be filmed in Beijing?"


    Qiao Anhao scanned through all the hotels before pointing to one of them. "This one, you can see the palace through the window. If they were to eat dinner here, the scenery would be beautiful and the scene would be amazing."

    "Oh." Qiao Anhao tilted her head to continue scanning the description. "Candle light dinner, girls prefer that... For flowers, you should use blue roses, it'll look elegant, even though I prefer Chinese Bellflowers... For meals, western... red wine..."

    "Yea," Lu Jinnian repeated continuously, pretending to be seriously considering her suggestions, but deep inside, he was silently memorizing everything.

    After Qiao Anhao was done with her suggestions, she curled back in her corner to watch her show, while Lu Jinnian sat beside her, typing on his laptop occasionally.

    Qiao Anhao was watching a romance drama where the female lead was dumped by her husband. She met with the rich male lead and the two of them fell in love after their encounters, in the end. When they were prepared to get married, the male lead's family strongly opposed her because of her past.

    Before the advertisement, Qiao Anhao didn't think too much of the drama, but after when she saw how resolutely the male lead's mother opposed the female lead, she suddenly recalled that even though she didn't get a marriage license, she was considered a divorcee to everyone... Would Lu Jinnian despise her...

    No matter how successful and confident a person was, in the face of their deepest love, they would still magnify their own flaws, worried the other party would mind.

    Worry started to form in Qiao Anhao's mind, and the more she thought, the more uneasy she became. In the end, she couldn't help lamenting to Lu Jinnian, who sat beside her, "Oh god, I'm a divorcee just like the female lead, so will I be despised like her as well? But I'm still young! Lu Jinnian, do you think I won't be able to get married?"

    When he heard her complain, he glanced at the screen to stare at the female lead who was in tears as she broke up with the male lead. He lowered his head to look back at his laptop, saying faintly, "If no one wants you, I'll marry you."

    Even though Qiao Anhao knew that he was just trying to comfort her, her heart skipped a beat. Staring intently at the screen, she took a moment to calm herself before smiling brightly. "Sure, when the time comes, I'm sure everyone will be envious of me."

    Lu Jinnian paused, his fingers turning stiff. He struggled to calm himself before turning to look at Qiao Anhao.

    Her profile shone under the light, her long lashes slightly curled, her dark eyes staring straight at the screen, blinking occasionally.

    When Qiao Anhao stopped hearing his typing, she turned over curiously, colliding with his gaze.
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