Chapter 551: Ive Loved You for Thirteen Years (22)

    Chapter 551: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (22)

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    Regarding Lu Jinnian, Xu Jiamu had some conflicting feelings about him.

    To some extent, men are impulsive and have their guards up. When he found out Xu Enterprise was acquired, he went over to ask him why he'd done it. However, when he reached Huan Ying Entertainment's lobby, he received a call and found out Lu Jinnian was the one behind his mother's failed investment and the fall of Xu Enterprise's stocks.

    On top of all this, his mother fainted out of anger. At the time, his blood boiled and he spoke incoherently out of rage. But even so and even if his and Lu Jinnian's brotherly relationship had ended, he still felt angry when his mother and the housekeeper went back and forth saying such horrible things about him.

    Xu Jiamu's heart suddenly was overcome with sadness. Though Lu Jinnian treated him this way, he still hated to part with his half-brother... Xu Jiamu raised his hand and rubbed his face, then gulped. With hints of powerlessness, he said, "Qiao Qiao, go in and accompany my mom. What I just said was harsh, she's definitely hurt right now."

    Qiao Anhao gently nodded her head.

    Xu Jiamu took large strides down the stairs and out of the house. He walked over to the tree in the courtyard and leaned against it, then lit a cigarette. With clouds of smoke surrounding him, he thought back to when he was young and mischievous.

    Under this same tree, he had let off fireworks which just about missed his eyes. It was his ever silent brother, who was as pretty as a girl, who suddenly reached his arm out to grab the firework stick.

    At the time, Xu Jiamu was the Xu family's little king. With a single cry, everyone surrounded him. Even after so many years had passed, he still remembered how everyone escorted him back into the house. When he turned his head, the image he saw was branded into his mind - Lu Jinnian stood all alone under the tree with his usual apathetic look. Perhaps because of the pain, the hand he had just used to hold the firework kept shivering uncontrollably.

    At that thought, the corner of Xu Jiamu's eyes started to water, and then he took the hardest drag of his cigarette.


    Back in the bedroom, the housekeeper was consoling Han Ruchu. Qiao Anhao, who sat by her bedside, added a few words in a gentle and quiet voice, but every now and then, her mind would wander towards Lu Jinnian.

    He got leukemia at three years old, and Xu Jiamu saved him... Xu Jiamu saved his life. Why would he treat the person who saved him like this? Furthermore, if he really wanted to go after the Xu family, why would he let Xu Jiamu stay in the company?

    Honestly speaking, when she asked him those three questions about what happened, he very openly admitted it. It was far more hard-hitting than hearing about it from the news, as it gave her no room to think it through or respond. Now that Qiao Anhao had calmed down, and thought about what the housekeeper and Xu Jiamu had said, a slither of doubt took form within her and she felt more and more as though something wasn't quite right.

    In the afternoon, because one of the two people was someone who she grew up with, and the other was the man she was in love with for some many years, she subconsciously refused to face the scene. Because of this, her emotions were uncontrollable.

    She was so emotional, she didn't pay close attention to what she was saying. Nor did she pay attention to what he said at the time... Now that she thought about it, when she said "Xu Jiamu would never do something like that", what did he say to her? Was he trying to explain it to her?
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