Chapter 553: Ive Loved You for Thirteen Years (24)

    Chapter 553: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (24)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    Qiao Anhao was still fully conscious and felt the strength in her body slowly depleting. She grew weaker and weaker, whilst panic loomed over her heart. The only thought in her mind was to send her incomplete message to Lu Jinnian.

    She thought that this might be the last time she could speak to him.

    Qiao Anhao tried her best to lift her hand. She wanted to grab her phone, but the moment she moved her fingers, she was struck by a bone-piercing pain which caused every part of her body to clamor. She endured the pain and used all her strength to finally reach her phone.

    However, she didn't even have the strength to lift the phone from the ground. In the end, she dragged it towards her. Just then, it lit up, yet everything before Qiao Anhao's eyes faded to darkness and she completely lost consciousness.

    After that, her phone rang with three consecutive messages - ding dong, ding dong, ding dong. The screen lit up with three messages from Lu Jinnian.


    [Qiao Qiao, lets have a good talk during dinner tonight.]

    [Li Jing Xuan, I'll be waiting.]


    There were two servants in the kitchen cooking when there was a shriek from outside. They hurriedly ran over and saw the housekeeper holding her ankle as she sat on the stairs. She gave a heart-wrenching scream, "Miss Qiao", and they took notice of Qiao Anhao with a phone in her hand lying in a pool of blood in front of the stairs.

    The white floor was covered in \bright red. The entire scene looked horrific.

    The two servants stood there blanked out for a good three minutes, until one of them snapped back to reality and stumbled out of the house in a hurry. They ran towards Xu Jiamu and cried hysterically, "Young master, young master! Miss Qiao fell down the stairs..."

    Xu Jiamu's fingers fiercely trembled for a moment, then he chucked his half-smoked cigarette to the ground. He rushed towards the servant who called for him. The servant stood blocking the door, so he shoved him away and found Qiao Anhao covered in red.

    Xu Jiamu's face instantly paled, and he roared like crazy at the servants who stood dumbfounded. "Ambulance! Hurry! Call an ambulance!"

    Then he practically lunged himself in front of Qiao Anhao. With his trembling fingers, he lifted her up from the ground and thoughtlessly rushed out the door.


    Han Ruchu glanced at the housekeeper, who immediately knew to raise her hand and push herself up from the ground then limp up the stairs.

    Seeing the housekeeper limp up, Han Ruchu furrowed her brows. When the woman entered the bedroom, she asked, "I never told you to do it like that. You could pretend to be injured, how did you actually go and get yourself injured?"

    "When I bumped into Miss Qiao, I used a little too much force and accidentally sprained my ankle."

    Han Ruchu nodded. Then, as she was about to open her mouth to speak, a knocking sound suddenly came from the door. "Madam."

    Han Ruchu sat on the bed, pretending to feel unwell and said, "Come in."

    The servant handed Han Ruchu a phone, and said in a quiet voice, "It seems like it could be Miss Qiao's phone."

    Seeing that the phone was covered in blood, a hint of disgust crossed Han Ruchu's brows. She pointed at the coffee table, so as to signal for the servant to place it there, then said, "Auntie Yun was in a hurry as she went down the stairs and accidentally bumped into Qiao Qiao. She also sprained her ankle, help her home to get some rest."
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