Chapter 562: Ive Loved You for Thirteen Years (33)

    Chapter 562: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (33)

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    "If I had to say such flirtatious words to another woman to find out where she was, then I'll pretend as though I never looked for you." As usual, Lu Jinnian didn't give Qiao Anxia the chance to continue speaking, straight up interrupting her. "Because I don't want to become unworthy of her."

    With Lu Jinnian's words, she raised her hand, and he pulled his own free from her grasp. Then, taking large strides, he walked out of the cafe.

    Even if she didn't meet with him because of the Xu Enterprise incident, and even if he couldn't find her, he couldn't sully his love for her.

    He hadn't cleared his name yet. If they were to get together, people who criticized him could also go and antagonize her. All he could do now was to continue loving her like before.

    Even if that meant that all he could do now was to reject all the other advances in the name of her unconfirmed love.


    Seeing Lu Jinnian emerge from the cafe, the assistant immediately opened the car door for him to sit inside. He hastily got in the car as well and asked with anticipation, "Mr. Lu, do you know where's Miss Qiao is now?"

    Lu Jinnian shook his head flatly, not saying a word.

    In that instant, the anticipation in the assistant's face turned to disappointment.

    The car was silent for quite sometime, until Lu Jinnian suddenly said, "Go home first."

    "Then, Mr. Lu, you..."

    "I'm fine, go on now." Lu Jinnian's tone sounded extremely dull, but there was a trace of insistence within it.

    The assistant hesitated for a moment, but eventually nodded. He handed Lu Jinnian the keys, then got out of the car and left.

    Alone in the car, Lu Jinnian sat there for a while before ultimately starting the car up and slowly driving off.

    If he couldn't find her, then he would choose the silliest way possible - to wait for the rabbit to come out of the hole. Even if she hadn't forgiven him and didn't want to see him for what happened to Xu Enterprise, she still had to go back home to the Qiao family, right?

    He drove to the entrance of the Qiao family estate and waited for her. If she turned up in a day, then he'd wait that whole day. If she turned up in forever, then he'd wait forever.


    This was the second time Qiao Anxia woke up in the middle of the night to find Lu Jinnian's car outside the window.

    That car has been parked at the entrance of the Qiao family estate for a day and two nights. It practically never left the spot.

    When the car first parked there, the doors never opened, nor did the person inside come out. If you didn't know better, you'd think it was an empty car.

    If you stared at the car long enough, you'd realize that the car window would come down every so often, and a hand would stretch out, holding a cigarette.

    The person in the car was just as silent as the car itself. He never disturbed anyone.

    Qiao Anxia knew that the person in the car was waiting for Qiao Anhao, who was still unconscious.

    In the middle of the night, Qiao Anxia had the urge to go out once or twice, to tell Lu Jinnian that Qiao Anhao was in the hospital.

    But whenever she walked to the entrance, she would feel a little reluctant.

    With him waiting there, her heart also felt just as tormented.

    One morning, after the car had been parked outside the Qiao family entrance for fifty six hours, it finally left.


    Qiao Anhao eventually woke up after being comatose for four days and four nights.

    When she opened her eyes, she noticed from the light outside the window that night had just fallen. She suddenly scanned all corners of the hospital room, having some difficulty in turning her head.

    She had laid in bed for quite a long time when she felt her head surge with excruciating pain.
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