Chapter 569: Ive Loved You for Thirteen Years (40)

    Chapter 569: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (40)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    "After we met again...

    I secretly made countless confessions and signals that I didn't dare let her know.

    You like rainy days too?

    Paper, Scissors, Rock.

    I am only happy with you.

    I actually didn't want to love her... But... I couldn't do it, I couldn't convince myself to let go."

    Finally, Qiao Anhao couldn't hold in her cry any longer and wailed with every image stitched back together in her mind.

    His assistant went to her room to tell her that he hadn't eaten dinner yet, and suggested she go over and bring him something to eat. That night was the very first time there was a good atmosphere between them. She stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and said in a cheerful voice that it was raining. He asked her, do you like rainy days too?

    At Chen Yang's party, she didn't want to be punished, and so knowing the flaw in his play, she beat him one game after the other in rock, paper, scissors. She never imagined that Paper, Scissors, Rock, 5,2,0, was the world's most beautiful confession with hand signs.

    When he shot scenes with her, the way he looked into her eyes when he said, 'I am only happy when I'm with you'... She thought that he was saying 'This year was only happy because it was spent with you'. She had never dared to hope those words were for her to hear.

    At his villa in Mount Yi, they slept together one night. They'd slept innocently together, as she laid in the bed and he slept on the sofa, in poor health. That night, she was so upset when she asked if he'd continue to love the married woman, to which he replied, 'I actually didn't want to love her... But... I couldn't do it, I couldn't convince myself to let go.'

    Qiao Anhao raised her hand and casually wiped away the tears, so she could continue reading.

    "She has a beautiful name.

    Qiao Anhao.

    Every one calls her Xiao Qiao."

    At the very end, there was another line.  "Qiao Qiao, I love you. I've loved you for thirteen years."

    It was like Qiao Anhao had lost all the strength in her body, falling limp on the ground. With a "waaaa", she started wailing like a child.

    In her previous dreams, she would wonder what she would do if Lu Jinnian fell in love with her one day. In her dreams, she was so sure she'd be in joyful bliss.

    But now that her dream came true, she realized that the only way she could release the complicated emotions in her heart was to cry them all out.

    She loved him too. She never knew that between the two of them, there were so many misunderstandings.

    She liked rainy days, because of him.

    She worked hard to go up a class, because of him.

    She studied her hardest to get into a prestigious university, also because of him.

    She joined the entertainment circle, also because of him.

    She agreed to marry Xu Jiamu, also because of him...

    There were so many missed chances between them. It looked like they weren't fated for each other, but their mutual love was the strongest sign on earth.

    They actually tried their best to love one another, but they didn't have the courage to tell each other "I love you".

    Qiao Anhao gripped harder onto the paper, as she cried so hard her whole body shivered.

    The only thing that could be heard in the silent room was the endless echoes of her cries.

    Qiao Anhao didn't know how long she cried for, but she cried and cried until she came to a sudden stop. Then, like an idiot, her crying face started to smile. She suddenly got up from the floor and rushed into the changing rooms. After changing her clothes, she fumbled for a bit and rushed out.

    She had to go find him.

    She had to go find him now.

    She wanted to say to him "Lu Jinnian, what a coincidence... I've loved you for thirteen years too".
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