Chapter 577: The Things She Didnt Know (8)

    Chapter 577: The Things She Didn't Know (8)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    "Perhaps, he really didn't want to lose you, so eventually, he went to find your sister, Miss Da Qiao."

    When Qiao Anhao heard this, her mouth opened. Qiao Anxia knew that she was unconscious in the hospital at the time, so if Lu Jinnian went to look for her, then he should have known about that. Why would he be mad at her then?

    Before suspicion nestled in Qiao Anhao's mind, the assistant spoke up again. "Miss Da Qiao didn't tell Mr. Lu anything, so he waited outside the Qiao family doors for three days and nights."

    Qiao Anxia didn't tell Ju Linnian where she was. If she had, would she be able to find him now?

    A trace of bewilderment crossed Qiao Anhao's eyes, which later became disbelief. In the end, it turned to pain.

    "Miss Qiao, the moment you saw me, you asked where he was. Well, actually, I really don't know where he is. I've looked for the whole day." There was hint of disappointment and sadness in the assistant's voice. "I thought that he would be somewhere, waiting for you. From what I understand about Mr. Lu, he's loved you for so many years now, he'd never give up in the last minute... So right now, I've no clue why he would suddenly stop waiting...

    "The other day, he called me in the morning to ask me to help him divert the negative news. At the time, he only thought about you... But then, this morning when I woke up, I received this email. I tried to call him but nobody picked up."

    Qiao Anhao furrowed her brows,catching the meaning behind the assistant's words. "He diverted the scandal?"

    "Yeah..." The assistant sighed lightly again. "Did you really think that someone leaked the scandal about Mr. Lu being an illegitimate child? Mr. Lu has worked the entertainment industry for many years and no one ever dared to leak any gossip about him. So how would anyone come out and leak his background?"

    After hearing this, it was like Qiao Anhao had vaguely understood something, and her hand subconsciously gripped tightly onto her sleeve.

    She didn't want to listen anymore, but the assistant spoke with a neutral tone, thrusting the blood-drenched truth in front of her. "It was Mr. Lu who personally leaked the information. In the entertainment industry, when bad news gets out, you either call public relations to handle it or cover it up with another person's scandal to divert the public's attention.

    "At the time, the public was pointing their fingers at you and saying that you'd taken drugs. There were already quite a few people who started gossiping about you, and the situation was only going to get worse. Worse comes to worst, it would affect your personal life, while as to work in the entertainment industry, you have to have a mental endurance here.

    "But Mr. Lu just didn't have the heart to let the power of the internet affect you this way. Nor did he want it to affect your career as an actress, and so he chose to divert the audience's attention on himself to lessen the damage on your reputation.

    "In truth, Mr. Lu knew full well that if he gave the news outlet information about himself, then it'd be the same as showing other people his flaws and weaknesses. He knew that other negative news about him would leak out after, but he still did it to protect you. He used himself to redirected the internet's devastating power away from you." As the assistant said this, he smiled, and then asked in a particularly flat tone, "He's so stupid, isn't he?"
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