Chapter 580: The Things She Didnt Know (11)

    Chapter 580: The Things She Didn't Know (11)

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    Yet the day when Qiao Anhao had found out Lu Jinnian had acquired Xu Enterprise, she had even complained to him about it... It was no wonder he was so mad that day. At the time, she chased him for half a day hoping to explain herself, but he wouldn't listen.

    She was so distressed, thinking that it was just a harmless thing to say, so why did he have to be so merciless. It was not until now that she finally understood how she actually had made him feel incredibly wronged... Having loved him for so many years , she had actually hit him the hardest!

    Panic instantly flashed across Qiao Anhao's eyes, and tears silently fell down her face once more. She asked in a mumble, "Why didn't he tell me? Why didn't he tell me earlier?"

    The final syllable of Qiao Anhao's question dropped from between her teeth with a sobbing crack in her voice.

    "At first, he didn't want you to feel the pain of losing a child, but who would of thought that the baby's killer not only didn't cover up the situation, she tried to save the Qiao and Xu family ties after her son woke up by telling you an edited version."

    Qiao Anhao suddenly remembered that she had received an anonymous letter with Lu Jinnian's signature on the abortion papers on her birthday. It was the same day Xu Jiamu woke up.

    "Since he didn't think that you and him had a shot together, he chose to keep it a secret." In that instant, the assistant's voice became a little gentler. "What's more, even if he was targeting Han Ruchu, he was going to use his own ways to treat Xu Jiamu well. You don't even know... He never actually wanted to keep Xu Enterprise from the very start, he always planned to slowly transfer it to Mr. Xu... He just wanted Han Ruchu to taste how it felt to be left with nothing..."

    The assistant's words were clearly not trying to blame Qiao Anhao, but she still lowered her head in regret. She bit hard into the corner of her lips, as she couldn't say anything to explain herself. All she could do was try her best to hold it in, but every now and then, she would let out a quiet sob.

    "Also, Miss Qiao, did you know? He was about to tell you everything that night on Valentine's day. At the time, he even thought about how upset you'd be, so he considered ways to cheer you up..."

    In the end, Qiao Anhao couldn't take the assistant's words anymore and slowly slumped to the ground, sobbing out loud.

    The assistant stopped talking. The night breeze swept the terrace, but all that could be heard were the never-ending echoes of Qiao Anhao's cries. She sounded like she was in anguish.

    In the midst of her cries, you could hear the repeated faint sound of words "Sorry... sorry...".


    Four months later.

    "Cut-" With the director's words, Qiao Anhao and Chen Yang, who were originally staring at each other with different emotions, instantly brought themselves back to reality.

    "Good work. Today's shoot was great. Everybody can go eat, then go get some rest. Tomorrow afternoon will be the last scene, then that'll be the end of the filming for 'Heavenly Sword'," the director said in the raised microphone raised, smiling wide. "The entire crew has tickets booked to return to Beijing tomorrow afternoon at five. Thankfully we managed to finish shooting before the lunar new year, so everyone can go home for their family reunion dinner."
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