Chapter 595: Long Time No See, My Love (6)

    Chapter 595: Long Time No See, My Love (6)

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    "Madam!" the housekeeper cred out anxiously. She then rushed over and supported her up.

    Han Ruchu struggled to stand, but she still continued to chase her son whilst limping.

    The housekeeper called out in agony, as though she was going to cry. "Master, young master!"

    Qiao Anhao was downstairs when she saw Xu Jiamu storming downstairs, fuming. She hastily stood up. "Brother Jiamu, what's wrong?"

    Xu Jiamu didn't say a word, striding out the door.

    Qiao Anhao glanced over at Han Ruchu at the bottom of the stairs. She grabbed Xu Jiamu's arm and said, "Brother Jiamu, Aunt Xu tripped up."

    Xu Jiamu slightly halted, and looked as though he was going to turn his head back to sneak a glance, but eventually, he decided against it. He gently pulled away from Qiao Anhao's grip, and walked out without saying a word, a dark expression on his face.

    "Brother Jiamu!" Qiao Anhao cried his name out in distress, but she had no intention of chasing after him. She waited until he swung close the door before putting away her panicked expression and nonchalantly turning around with a composed face. She stared directly at Han Ruchu.

    Some words needn't be said. The look in the eyes is at times sufficient for the other person to understand what is being meant.

    That's right. Qiao Anhao knew that Han Ruchu would go upstairs, as she couldn't vent her anger below. Since the housekeeper had followed after, she assumed that they would most probably be talking about her.

    Actually, if Han Ruchu hadn't mentioned that the housekeeper personally made the swallow's nest over lunch, she wouldn't have thought the housekeeper had anythign to do with this at all.

    Honestly speaking, she wasn't completely certain that Han Ruchu would talk about it with her housekeeper. She just thought she'd give it a try, so she gave Xu Jiamu the cup of water to see if it might be her lucky day.

    The moment the doors were flung open with a great force, she knew that she had gotten lucky.

    That split second when Han Ruchu met Qiao Anhao's gaze, she instantly realized that she had gotten played. She opened her mouth in a rage, wanting to speak, but Qiao Anhao made a "shhhh" gesture with her hands.

    She then pointed at the study room, and said in a neutral voice, "Aunt Xu, you son is already mad, do you want for your husband to come down to see you screaming at me and get angry with you too? Don't forget, my uncle is still in your house..."

    Just like that, the words on the tip of Han Ruchu's tongue flew back, down to her stomach. Her entire face puffed up red out from rage.

    The more she was like this, the sweeter Qiao Anhao smiled. She asked in a soft voice, "Aunt Xu, I wonder if you liked your birthday present?"

    Han Ruchu was so pissed, her face was slightly contorted. She raised her hand to clutch at her chest and pointed at Qiao Anhao without saying a single word.

    Qiao Anhao had fulfilled her objective, so there was no reason to continue on like this with Han Ruchu any longer. She slowly and gracefully picked up her bag, pulled the door open, and calmly left.

    When she left the Xu family's house, she finally let go of the relaxed and pleased look on her face that she had put on for Han Ruchu.

    So sorry... She had used Xu Jiamu, who had always treated her so well.

    But she had had no other way. She couldn't do nothing after learning that Han Ruchu h ad killed her baby, and Xu Jiamu was the only person in the world that could trigger Han Ruchu.
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