Chapter 605: Long Time No See, My Love(16)

    Chapter 605: Long Time No See, My Love(16)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Qiao Anhao had never expected that Lu Jinnian would stay mad at her for such a long time, but she was determined to apologize and explain herself when she met him.

    Never had she foreseen though that the next time they met, he would disregard her, treating her as though she was a stranger. He didn't even bother to glance at her...

    After he had left coldly, Qiao Anhao stood in front of his mother's grave for exactly a minute before regaining her senses, running after him.

    She was in heels which hindered her speed, and the cemetery was situated on a hill with a long stretch of stairs down to the first floor. By the time she was halfway down, he was already a distance away, and regardless of how fast she went, she wasn't able to reduce the distance.

    But she wasn't about to give up, especially not after waiting for such a long time!

    Qiao Anhao bit her lip, as though she had just made a decision, and removed her heels, picked them up, and ran down the cold frosted stairs with only a pair of socks.

    Lu Jinnian was walking at a fast pace. Qiao Anhao continued to run down without giving herself any time to rest, but despite that, his silhouette gradually disappeared into the distance. Full of anxiety, she ignored the pain in her feet and increased her speed.

    There were tiny gravels all over the stairs, and in her hurry, she stepped right on a big one. "Ah!" she groaned in pain, but clenching her teeth, she continued to run forward, ignoring the pain. When she reached the bottom, she couldn't see him anywhere and despair started to sink in. She knew that he would definitely be at the foot of the hill to get his car, so she continued to move forward stubbornly, refusing to give up.

    When she was finally at the foot of the hill, she was already panting heavily, her whole body soaked in sweat. She threw her heels to the ground and was preparing to put them on when she suddenly spotted the headlights of a car. Lifting her head upwards abruptly, she saw his car and a faint smile touched her lips.

    He was so far ahead but he hadn't driven away yet? Was he worried about her?

    She was indeed still in his heart!

    Qiao Anhao abandoned her half worn heels, running towards Lu Jinnian's car.

    When she was about five meters from his car, he suddenly slammed onto the accelerator, speeding out the cemetery entrance.

    Qiao Anhao jumped into her own car and drove out of the cemetery. She saw him entering the city, so she turned the steering wheel and hit the accelerator, going after him.

    The entire journey from the cemetry to the city centre, Qiao Anhao sped but Lu Jinnian managed to speed faster than her, regardless of how fast she went, there was still a significant difference between the two cars.
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