Chapter 614: Lu Jinnian, Im Pregnant(5)

    Chapter 614: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant(5)

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    I would never forgive you for harming Brother Jiamu.

    So all this while, he could never match up to Xu Jiamu, and once he harmed him, he instantly became worthless.

    Are you worthy?

    Yes, was he worthy?

    The first time he had met her, just her bag was worth a few months of his part-time job pay.

    When she had period cramps and had to rest in the hospital, the thirty dollar medical fee he had paid was sixty percent of his entire fortune, but the moment she opened her Chanel wallet, inside lay a thick wad of cash.

    In Hangzhou, when she, Xu Jiamu, and Qiao Anxia went out shopping, they didn't hesitate to buy items costing up to five digits. But what about him? He had just felt ashamed, since he wasn't even able to afford the cheapest item in the mall.

    So was he worthy?

    He knew that he wasn't and it was the motivation behind his hard work and determination.

    He thought that with money, he would have the right to love her, but in the end, she was still an unattainable dream.

    On Valentines day, she didn't turn up, but he didn't mind.

    He waited three whole days for her, and still he didn't mind.

    When she was implicated and got entangled in a drug scandal, everyone was blaming her, but at that time, he had come out to stand by her.

    He knew that if he were to be involved in a scandal, it would definitely bring about trouble.

    But he just wanted her to be all right.

    From the moment he fell in love with her, he was determined to protect her.

    He had given her love, but yet, she had repaid him with "Are you worthy?".

    Yes, he was not worthy. Even if she had lost her parents, she was still leading a glamorous and luxurious life.

    And what about him? He was the son of a mistress, a prostitute, an illegitimate son... The moment he arrived in this world, he was engulfed in such negativity.

    At that time, the rumors about him went viral, his past, and even his mother's past were dug out and exposed one by one.

    He sat silently in his car late one night, staring at the text [Are you worthy?], and he felt as though his world was collapsing.

    In order to love her, he had driven himself to such lengths, to the point of mistreating himself. At that time, he had felt that his actions were lowly, past lowly for her to ask him if he was worthy. So he pleaded, [Qiao Qiao, I'll return Xu Enterprise to Xu Jiamu, can we go back to the past?]

    Instead, she had placed him on her blacklist.

    At that time, he felt as though his heart had died.

    The love that had persevered for thirteen years... He no longer had any excuse to continue this love, instead, reasons to not love kept appearing one after the other.

    But in the end, when he was determined to leave her, he still left his assistant with a long list of things regarding her.

    As he typed out each word, he realized that all these years, she was his entire world.

    Lu Jinnian's fingers started to hurt, snapping him back to his senses. It was when he realized that his cigarette had reached its end and had burnt his fingers.

    He tossed the cigarette into the ashtray and put away his phone before entering the bathroom to wash his burn.
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