Chapter 617: Lu Jinnian, Im Pregnant(8)

    Chapter 617: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant(8)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    When Qiao Anhao reached the main hall, Lu Jinnian was already at the counter, paying for his room. He then headed towards the entrance with his luggage.

    Qiao Anhao focused her gaze on him, not daring to relax. Hurriedly, she followed after him. When she reached the entrance, he had already hailed for a cab.

    She ran down the steps, but when she was about to hail for a cab, her phone vibrated. [Mr. Lu booked a ticket to America. Miss Qiao, head directly to the airport now. I have already booked a seat on the same flight. As for Miss Zhao, please bring Miss Qiao's passport and a few set of clothes to the airport for her.]

    After ensuring that everything was in order, he added, [Miss Qiao, you must follow Mr. Lu closely once you reach America. If you were to lose trace of him there, it will be the end.]

    When the second message arrived, Qiao Anhao had already hailed a cab. She glanced down at the message before hurriedly getting the driver to send her to the airport.

    After less than ten minutes, she received a reminder for the flight that was just booked.

    When she reached the airport, Zhao Meng was already at the entrance, waiting for her.

    Qiao Anhao paid the cab before following the instructions to the international gate 3. Before she could even spot her friend, she had already pulled open the car door to shout for her. Zhao Meng slammed the door shut and ran towards her, passing the passport over. "Qiao Qiao, here's your passport, but I didn't pack your clothes. If Mr. Lu were to see that you don't have anything, it would help to weaken his resolve."

    Qiao Anhao nodded her head aggressively, thanking her. When she was just about to leave, Zhao Meng pulled her hand over and placed a small box in her palm. "Qiao Qiao, this is for you."

    Qiao Anhao opened the tiny box to see a white pill lying inside. She raised her head and asked, "What's this?"

    Zhao Meng's face turned slightly red. She scanned the surroundings before coughing lightly. Slowly, she lowered her head to Qiao Anhao's ears and whispered softly, "Sex enhancement pills. They melt in water and doesn't harm the body. If you can catch him in America, you can count on this!"

    She moved away from her ear, then winked and smiled brightly. "You can go now."


    From the clearing for emigration, all the way till she boarded the plane was she not able to see Lu Jinnian.

    When she finally caught sight of him, he seemed to be exhausted as he leaned against the backrest with his eyes shut.

    The moment she saw him, she paused slightly. He seemed to have sensed something, for his lids flew open. The moment he saw her, he frowned slightly and shut back his eyes.

    "Excuse me, what's your seat number?" An air stewardess asked when she realized that Qiao Anhao wasn't moving.

    Qiao Anhao smiled apologetically to her before heading to the economy seat.

    Shortly after she was seated, the doors to the plane were shut and the safety instructions started to play.

    Qiao Anhao took out her phone to send one last message. [The plane is about to take off.]
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