Chapter 622: Lu Jinnian, Im Pregnant (13)

    Chapter 622: Lu Jinnian, I'm Pregnant (13)

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    At that thought, Qiao Anhao's hand with the knife trembled, and she accidentally cut her other hand. The sharp pain in the finger made Qiao Anhao shudder. The knife in her hand hit hard against the plate, releasing a crisp scraping sound, and fell to the ground. The sound turned quite a few heads toward her.

    When a waiter who stood at the side saw this, he hurried over and bent down to help Qiao Anhao pick up her fork. Just as he gave her a new one in replacement, he saw that a trickle of blood had escaped her finger, and couldn't help but ask, "Miss, are you okay? Your finger is hurt."

    Only after hearing the question did Qiao Anhao lower her head to see that her finger was indeed bleeding. Luckily, the cut was shallow. She lifted her head, about to shake her head at the waiter, when she saw Lu Jinnian, who hadn't once looked her way, staring straight at her finger.

    For just a moment, she stared firmly right back at him. For that instant, she had the feeling that he wanted to get up and come over, but after about ten seconds, he turned his head and continued to chat away with the blonde woman in front of him.

    The waiter brought over a plaster and placed it on Qiao Anhao's table. "Miss, here's a plaster."

    Qiao Anhao forced a smile and thanked the waiter. "Thank you."

    After the waiter left, Qiao Anhao picked the plaster and ripped it open. Very slowly, she stuck it on her finger. As she lifted her head, she sneaked a glance at where Lu Jinnian was seated. He holding a bottle of red wine and pouring the blonde another glass. The woman had her phone in her hand, and brought the screen up in front of Lu Jinnian. Who knew what she was showing him.

    In that instant, Qiao Anhao was overcome by disappointment and devastation. Forget getting hurt, in the past, when she was tired from their strolls, he would crouch down and piggy back her without hesitation. But now, he was so cold towards her that he didn't even look at her.

    After she put the plaster on, she lost her appetite. She sat in her seat for a while, then eventually got up, called the waiter for the bill and left.


    After sitting at the hotel lobby for almost two hours, it was not until around nine something in the evening that Qiao Anhao saw the red Ferrari slowly come to a stop by the side of the road.

    She thought that only Lu Jinnian would be getting out of the car, but as it turned out, the blonde woman stepped out as well. With a "Weng", Qiao Anhao's mind suddenly exploded.

    Did that woman want to join Lu Jinnian in his room? Foreign women were so open! A single man and woman alone in a room...

    Qiao Anhao abruptly got up from the sofa, disturbing a foreign man reading a newspaper. He looked up in puzzlement and shot Qiao Anhao a questioning look.

    Lu Jinnian couldn't of really fallen for the blonde woman, right? Then what was she going to do? She still wanted to have a start over with him!

    The more Qiao Anhao thought about it, the more confused she felt. She didn't know where she got the courage from, but eventually, she stomped out of the hotel abruptly. In the heat of the moment, when she rushed over in front of Lu Jinnian and the woman, she didn't think twice to cry in a sickly sweet voice, "Hubby!"

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