Chapter 631: Marriage(2)

    Chapter 631: Marriage(2)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    She was poison. Even though he knew it was fatal, he still couldn't help approaching.

    Just like right now. Even after she had hurt him so badly, her unhappiness, her tears, and one night together was enough to tempt him back in.

    He couldn't help but admit his attraction, she could easily stir his heart, sucking him in.

    He could never understand why there could be a woman like her that could easily tear down his defenses. With just a simple act, she was able to turn his world upside down.

    He was clear of his most honest and raw intentions at this moment.

    Even after she had trampled over his pride, proclaimed him unworthy of loving her, refused to forgive him for another man, pushed him to his limits, he still wasn't able to give her up, he still wanted to be with her.

    He knew that he never had a choice when it came to her, that's what had driven him to a foreign country when she first abandoned him.

    The skies were dark, and the street lamps flickered.

    Lu Jinnian smoked one stick after another, never once stopping as he battled his inner war.

    From all her actions, he could tell that she wanted to be with him, but he couldn't muster enough courage to believe such a thought.

    He was frightened of the thought of losing her after accepting such a fantasy.

    He didn't want to experience the same death-like pain once again.

    No one could know how torturous it had bee n when she had abandoned him, and he never wanted to experience such torment ever again. No one could know just how many sleepless nights he had used to convince himself to let go.

    Lu Jinnian lowered his lashes, staring at the black watch he wore on the hand with which he held the cigarette.

    His resolve was weakening, and his spirits were low.

    There were two choices ahead, but he had no clue which to choose.

    Lu Jinnian sat there silently the entire night, until the sun started to raise and the city started to rouse, transforming into a bustling place of activity. Standing up, he headed to the closet to change into a new set of clothes before leaving the hotel room with his wallet.

    After about an hour, he returned back with two bags. He placed them on the sofa before pushing the bedroom door softly. Qiao Anhao was still fast asleep.

    She didn't have good sleeping habits, kicking the blanket aside, exposing a large area of her bare back and one long, shapely leg.

    Lu Jinnian looked at her for a while before entering and covering her tightly. He left after increasing the temperature for the heater slightly.

    Walking over to the window in the living room, he stuffed his hands into his pockets and stared into the distance.


    This was probably the best sleep Qiao Anhao had had in four months.

    When she finally woke up, it was already 1 pm in the afternoon.

    She brushed her hair messily, glancing around the room with half-opened eyes. When she caught sight of a male suit in the corner of the room, she was jolted awake instantly.
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