Chapter 636: Marriage(7)

    Chapter 636: Marriage(7)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jinnian froze, and before he could react, he heard her small, soulful whimper.

    "Lu Jinnian, if I said I loved you, would you still not want me?"

    The airport was populated and noisy, each sound much louder than hers, but he could still clearly hear what she had just said.

    If I said I loved you, would you still not want me?

    The sentence entered his brain, and he couldn't seem to process the meaning. In the end, it translated only to: I love you

    Qiao Anhao said that she loved him.

    Lu Jinnian sincerely felt that he was hallucinating.

    How could she say that she loved him? If she loved him, why would she have let him wait for such a long time, sent him such hurtful words?

    His love for her must be so great that it caused him to hallucinate in broad daylight.

    After waiting for a long while, Qiao Anhao still didn't get a response from him. She started to feel anxious, unsure of how he felt. She tightened her grip on his waist and continued in a trembling voice, "Lu Jinnian, can you not try to forget me, can you not chase me back, can you be with me..."

    The whole sentence consisted of many "can you", but Lu Jinnian continued to stay motionless. In the end, she asked in a breathless, sob-filled voice, "Lu Jinnian, I love you, I really love you, can we be together? Can we? Can we?"

    The multiple "can we" sent his heart into a frenzy.

    Silently, he pinched his thigh. When he felt a sharp stinging pain, he realized that he wasn't dreaming.

    The girl he had loved for thirteen years had really just told him that she loved him.

    Last night, when she drugged him and they slept together, he had wanted to get back with her, but he was too afraid of facing another sad ending. After sitting and thinking through the entire night, he came to the painful conclusion of letting her go. If he wanted to have a peaceful life, they had to become strangers.

    But now she said that she loved him.

    He saw his weak resolve dissolving right in front of him.

    The worst thing was the bliss he felt when he heard her confession.

    Lu Jinnian, are you prepared to give yourself, to give her, to give the future of you two together a chance?

    His silence slowly ripped Qiao Anhao's heart apart, the wound getting larger and larger. She was growing more and more anxious.

    When his hands suddenly came up to pry her hands off, her chest overflowed with horror.

    Lu Jinnian started to turn around to face her, but before he could say anything, she threw herself into his embrace, climbing onto him like an octopus. He stumbled backwards, and when he finally regained his footing, she broke into tears.

    "I'm not going back, not going back!"
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