Chapter 638: Marriage(9)

    Chapter 638: Marriage(9)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    "If your answer is able to satisfy me, I'll forgive you for everything: for not coming to meet me, and for..."-Lu Jinnian paused, remembering the night he had received her text, and his eyes darkened, but quickly, his tone stabilized-"everything you once said to me, I will be able to forget it."

    When Qiao Anhao finally saw a glimmer of hope, she stopped crying and looked straight into his eyes. "Tell me."

    After crying for such a long while, she wriggled her nose, looking exceptionally pitiful.

    "Qiao Qiao..." After a moment of silence, Lu Jinnian continued as he looked into her eyes with pain, "Give me a reason."

    Confusion settled on her face. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. Just then, Lu Jinnian's suppressed voice reached her ears. "Give me a reason to believe that you love me."

    Regardless of how many times she said she loved him, regardless of how much she harassed him, even if she disregarded her image and cried contentiously, not willing to leave... Even if there were so many instances he could list that could convince him that she wanted to be with him but... he still needed a reason.

    That "are you worthy" was enough to strip him of all his confidence and courage.

    After asking the question, he remained motionless, staring straight at her.

    Give him a reason to believe that she was in love with him?

    Tears drenched Qiao Anhao's face, but she turned serious in an instance, her temples scrunching together as though she was in deep thought.

    In the empty corner, it seemed unusually quiet.

    Occasionally, there would be a faint buzz from the airplanes that flew past.

    After only about two minutes, Lu Jinnian felt as though he had waited for an eternity. The grip on her shoulders started to lessen in strength, and just when he was about to let go, she suddenly spoke up. "Lu Jinnian..."

    After crying, her eyes were bright and sparkly, the tip of her nose red and her hair tangled. She looked a mess, but he could see the sincerity in her expression. "Lets get married."

    If he needed a reason to believe that she loved him, she concluded that getting married was the best way to convince him.

    "You once said that if no one wanted me, you would marry me. You can marry me now, and I'll give you the rest of my life, do you think this is enough?"

    Lu Jinnian froze, his face impassive when he glanced at her.

    After a long period of silence, he still didn't react, and uneasiness settled in Qiao Anhao's heart. Did he think that this reason wasn't enough? Or was he not willing to be with her?

    After about half a minute, since Lu Jinnian was still motionless, her eyes started to turn red again. Anxiously, she added, "Lu Jinnian, if you don't think its enough, I can add one more. There's a child in my tummy now, you won't abandon the child, right?"
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