Chapter 639: Marriage(10)

    Chapter 639: Marriage(10)

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    Lu Jinnian couldn't process the "let's get married" part when he heard her continue. His lips trembled, and his expression turned indulgent.

    "Lu Jinnian, we can't let the baby be born without a father, right?"

    "Qiao Qiao..." he interrupted her continuous persuasion.

    Qiao Anhao finally shut her mouth, turning to look at him with anxiousness. "Yea?"

    "What did you say just now?"


    "No, the previous line."

    "Rest of my life..."

    "Before that."

    "If no one wants me..."

    "No, the one even before that."

    Qiao Anhao frowned. She tilted her head to think for a while. "Let's get married?" She then added, "Is it this line?"

    Lu Jinnian suddenly raised his hand to push a fallen out strand of hair behind her ear before replying warmly and resolutely, "Yes."

    She froze.

    Lu Jinnian lightly caressed her ear. "That's the reason I want, let's get married."

    After a moment hesitation's, he seemed to have made up his mind. He lowered his hands to hold hers. "Let's go back to get married now."

    Lu Jinnian pulled her towards a cab stand outside the airport and hailed for a cab to return to the hotel. Once he was back in his room, he hurriedly stuffed his belongings into his luggage and called on his phone to book air tickets back to Beijing. He then pulled her down to check out and brought her back to the airport.

    He had booked the same flight as that of Qiao Anhao. When they finally reached the airport again, it was less than half an hour before the plane took off. They hurriedly passed through all the gates, heading straight toward the plane.

    The doors to the airplane shut the instant they sat down, and the safety instructions started to play.

    After crying and throwing a tantrum for such a long time, Qiao Anhao was exhausted. The moment the plane took off, she fell asleep.

    The temperature in the plane was starting to decrease, so Lu Jinnian requested for a blanket to cover her. Just then he saw her tear-stained face.

    He stared for a few seconds before pulling out a wet tissue to tenderly wipe her face. When he was done, he stared at her sleeping form for a long while before finally turning to look out the window.

    Let's get married.

    He couldn't help but admit that he was completely and entirely shaken when she said those three words.

    To place his name next to hers permanently.

    There was probably no other reason more convincing than her suggesting marriage.

    To have his name in her identification book... From then on, he would have a family, he would no longer be alone. The girl he had been in love with for such a long time was finally going to become his wife... Such an enticing reason... At that instant, he realized that he wasn't able to find an excuse to reject her.

    He couldn't help but admit that after trying for such a long time to forget her, he was moved... Even if she had hurt him so deeply and caused him such despair, the moment she had asked him to marry her, he was completely and utterly lost, unable to refuse.
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