Chapter 649: Marriage (20)

    Chapter 649: Marriage (20)

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    When Lin Shiyi heard this, she laughed like it was a really funny joke. She snorted disdainfully and let out a snicker. "If you're really capable of that, Qiao Anhao, then may we ask you to please call him? Call him to come over and let everyone get to know him."

    Zhao Meng really hadn't thought before she spoke. Anger alone had turned her eyes red.

    At Lin Shiyi's suggestion, Zhao Meng suddenly snapped back to her senses, and she turned her head and looked over at Qiao Anhao.

    Actually, she didn't lie. Qiao Anhao was officially Lu Jinnian's wife, and Lu Jinnian really was capable of the things she said, but... to make her ramble like that just now, if she wasn't able to call Lu Jinnian, then it would really sound like she was just bragging.

    What's more, the whole crew was here taking a break at the time, so they saw everything unfold.

    Maybe she might had made it easier for Lin Shiyi to make fun of Qiao Anhao...

    In actual fact, Zhao Meng knew full well that she was too impulsive just now, but since she had pushed it to this point, it was impossible for her to stop here. All she could do was nudge Qiao Anhao and say in such a low voice only the two of them could hear, "Qiao Qiao, you'd better call Mr. Lu or else it's going to be hella embarrassing for us."

    Qiao Anhao silently swept her eyes across the people around them, then whispered to Zhao Meng in the same low voice, "I don't know Lu Jinnian's number."

    She didn't, in fact, know Lu Jinnian's number.

    His previous number was canceled. There hadn't been a way to contact him ever since he came back to the country.

    "It can't be?" Zhao Meng, who was extremely confident at first, instantly deflated like a withered ball. "Then, this time, we're really finished..."

    Qiao Anhao's background was good, but even so, Lin Shiyi still didn't believe that she could produce the man from Zhao Meng's description; someone who could invest over a billion and stop filming at any given moment.

    Seeing Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng now whispering among themselves, she was even more certain that Zhao Meng had just been bluffing. In that instant, she became sufficiently confident, smiled, and spoke with obvious pretentiousness. "What's wrong? Your bluff didn't play right? Did you dig your own grave with that bluff?"

    Zhao Meng instinctively shut her eyes. She just had had to say what was on her mind. Later, who knows how Lin Shiyi would insult them.

    "His car isn't bad at all. He drives Qiao Anhao to and from the set everyday. But, nowadays, there are so many people who can afford to buy a good car. It doesn't necessarily mean that he's someone amazing." At that thought, Lin Shiyi suddenly curved her red lips into a smile. "Miss Qiao, the man inside your car is not someone who's old enough to be your father is he? Are you too ashamed to let him meet everyone?"

    With that, the many people, who were trying to impress Lin Shiyi, started to laugh quietly with her.

    "Lin Shiyi, stop trying to push your nasty misconducts on other people..." When Zhao Meng heard this, she instantly erupted, but then, when she had only finished saying half of what she had in mind, her arm was suddenly pulled back. It was Qiao Anhao, who had reached out to stop her.

    "Qiao Qiao?" Zhao Meng turned her head towards her friend.

    Qiao Anhao smiled at Zhao Meng, and pointed at her bag, as she softly and gently said, "Give me my phone."

    "Qiao Qiao, you do know Mr. Lu's number, right?" whispered Zhao Meng into her ear, as she handed her friend's phone to her.
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