Chapter 656: Text Messages on the Phone (7)

    Chapter 656: Text Messages on the Phone (7)

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    When Zhao Meng said this, Lu Jinnian was a little annoyed, but because he didn't know how the script was changed, he maintained his composure.

    When he was filming, he would often memorize the script which resulted in him learning to go through a script really quickly. He practically flipped through a page, then another soon after.

    As he went through the script page by page, his face grew increasingly more arctic.

    Usually, Lu Jinnian barely wore any emotions on his face, which would stress people out very much. Right then, the atmosphere in the make up room started growing more tense due to the change of his expression. Practically no one dared to take a deep breath, besides Qiao Anhao of course, who sat cool and collected by Lu Jinnian's side. She bit her straw and drank her juice every now and then, making sucking noises at times.

    Suddenly, Lu Jinnian slammed the script shut, and let out a dull sound, which made Qiao Anhao feel a little curious, and she lifted her head up from the straw. But before she could take a clear look at what happened to Lu Jinnian, the abrupt sound of the man's arrogantly cold voice was heard. "Now, in the next scene to be shot, she has to..."

    While saying that Lu Jinnian first pointed at Lin Shiyi, then raised his hand to pat Qiao Anhao's head, which was at hip height whilst she was sitting. "Hit her?"

    In the make up room, no one dared to speak.

    Lu Jinnian was clearly there to help Zhao Meng and Qiao Anhao put up a front. Yet, when Zhao Meng saw Lu Jinnian's stance, she was still a little afraid, though she tried to stay calm, hastily nodding at him. "Yes."


    Suddenly, Lu Jinnian let out a cold laugh, and gave a sharp glare to everyone in the room. He ruthlessly smashed the script onto he table with a "Pa!", scaring quite a few people in the make up room to shivers. Then he said in an emotionless voice, "All right. Then start shooting. I want to see who dares to hurt a single hair of Qiao Anhao's under my watch!"

    In that moment, not just Zhao Meng, but even Qiao Anhao was so frightened by Lu Jinnian's brimming anger that she bit her straw, not daring to drink her juice. She didn't even dare look at his face, just to silently sneak a glance from the corner of her eyes.

    The director was so frightened by Lu Jinnian's stance, his legs were a little numb. In that moment, he couldn't care less about Lin Shiyi and the investment she brought to their crew. All he wanted to do was not get dragged down by Lu Jinnian's anger. His voice trembled when he said, "No... No... Mr. Lu, this isn't the next scene to be shot. That script... script, was just something we made to joke with Miss Qiao... we're going with the earlier script..."


    This joke was such a joke in itself. He already made her so upset, and yet he said he was just joking with her?

    Lu Jinnian suddenly grabbed the two scripts from the table and thrust them towards the director, smacking him directly on the head. "Who gave you the power to randomly joke around with her?"

    The director lowered his head without saying a word, as he felt his legs start to shiver.

    "Also, don't tell me that you'll go by the earlier script. Write me a new script just how you rewrote the original!"
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