Chapter 678: Text Messages on the Phone (29)

    Chapter 678: Text Messages on the Phone (29)

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    Han Ruchu would be at the charity gala...

    Qiao Anhao took out her phone and glanced at the time. The gala was tomorrow night.

    She once said that she would make Han Ruchu pay for what she had done to her, bit by bit!

    If she charged into the Xu estate on her own and made the situation big without any evidence, nobody would believe her words. Perhaps it would eventually even call uncle and auntie over. Because the relationship between the two families is so tight, they would blame her for not knowing better.

    To defeat such a scheming woman, she mustn't fight her head on...

    Qiao Anhao wanted to think of a way to not lay a hand on her, otherwise she'd have smacked the woman till she didn't know what to do with herself!

    At that thought, Qiao Anhao's anger slowly fizzled out. As she sat in the car, racking her brain over it for a while, a flicker of light suddenly flashed by. She remembered how she had ran out of the hotel to look for Lu Jinnian five months ago, but no matter how hard she looked, she couldn't find him.

    Instead, she had bumped into his assistant, who had explained a lot to her. He seemed to have mentioned that Lu Jinnian had a recording pen with evidence of Han Ruchu killing their child... Lu Jinnian had wanted to play it for her on Chinese Valentine's day. What a shame...

    Qiao Anhao suddenly pushed open the car's door, got out in a hurry, and returned to the house.

    When she came back from America with Lu Jinnian, he had only bought back a single suitcase. After they dragged it back to Mian Xiu Garden, they had never replaced it. Today, he was out on a business trip. Even if he had to pack his suitcase, he wouldn't take the recording pen with him... so it was most likely that the recording pen was somewhere in the villa... She had to steal the recording pen and borrow it for a moment!

    Qiao Anhao ran upstairs in one breath, and barged into the bedroom. She then started to rummage through all the boxes and cabinets.

    It didn't take long for her to turn the originally clean and tidy bedroom upside down. She randomly threw things around till there was practically nowhere to stand.

    After she flipped through the bedroom's cabinets, she ran into other rooms. She looked through them room by room before she barged into Lu Jinnian's study.

    Qiao Anhao randomly picked up all the documents that were piled on the desk. She sneaked a glance, then slammed them back onto the desk. A few of those documents crashed to the ground, whilst other unfastened sheets of paper spread across the floor.

    She crouched on the floor, completely confused, and started to dig through the desk drawers. There she saw more documents and other things of the sort. She couldn't help but furrow her brows, as she moved the chair. She stood on top of it and opened the bookcase.

    She looked up and down the bookcase, before eventually finding a locked drawer in the lower right corner of the cabinet.

    She tugged on the lock, and thought about the keys in the desk drawer she'd seen during her search. Then, she hurriedly turned around, grabbed the keys and turned one of them in the keyhole. When she tried the third key, the lock made a "Kacha" sound and opened up.

    Qiao Anhao pulled the drawer to find it full of "NanJin95 Supreme" cigarettes.

    She creased her brows. Without a second thought, she dug them all out and threw them into a rubbish bin beside her. Beneath the cigarettes she saw a phone, a recording pen, a bright red marriage certificate, and a folder.

    She grabbed the recording pen and pressed the play button. A rustling sound came from the pen.
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